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CDC guidance in turmoil over conflicting evidence whether COVID can be transmitted through the air over longer distances

Washington Post | 
[On Monday, September 21,] the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention edited its Web page describing how the novel coronavirus spreads, ...

COVID-19 evolving to be less deadly? Experts challenge Italian doctor’s claims

Washington Post | 
Has the novel coronavirus in Italy changed in some significant way? That was the suggestion of a top doctor in ...
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Bringing ‘medical lore’ to life: Century-old practice of plasma infusions could be used against coronavirus

Washington Post | 
An old idea for fighting infections — an approach most physicians know about only from medical lore — is being ...
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USDA Kansas City relocation halts research on honeybees, organic food and Bayer’s dicamba herbicide

Washington Post | 
The relocation of two Agriculture Department agencies out of the District of Columbia has delayed the publication of dozens of ...
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Is personality influenced by birth order? New studies challenge ‘conventional wisdom’

Washington Post | 
Birth order, according to conventional wisdom, molds personality: Firstborn children, secure with their place in the family and expected to ...

Are some people just ‘jerks’? New study identifies four major personality types

Washington Post | 
Personality type tests are hugely popular, though if you ask working psychologists, they’ll tell you the results are little better ...
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Turning white blood cells into ‘living cancer drugs’ with electric shocks

Washington Post | 
A promising new class of cancer treatments recruits the cells in our blood to fight tumors, using powerful gene-editing tools ...
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Challenging the claim that a sex robot is the ‘perfect companion’

Washington Post | 
Sex doll maker Realbotix, in its marketing materials, bills [sex doll] Harmony as “the perfect companion.” But healthy companionship is too ...
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Humans mated with the mysterious Denisovans more than once, as well as with Neanderthals

Washington Post | 
We rarely portray Neanderthals, our close relatives, as telegenic...But to mock Neanderthals is to mock ourselves: Homo sapiens had lots of sex with Homo neanderthalensis. Neanderthal genes supply ...

Saturn’s frigid moon Enceladus boasts ‘chemical buffet’ needed for life

Washington Post | 
Life as we know it needs three things: energy, water and chemistry. Saturn's icy moon Enceladus has them all, as ...
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Asteroid that killed dinosaurs had only 1-in-10 chance of causing extinction

Washington Post | 
The smack of the asteroid against Earth released energy on the order of billions of atomic bombs. Dinosaurs were the cataclysm's most famous ...

First bioengineered ‘mutant ants’ could open research doors

Washington Post | 
Despite what you might've seen in 1950s monster movies, it's difficult to raise mutant ants. For years biologists have altered the ...
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Neonicotinoid insecticides in trace level parts per trillion detected in drinking water in Iowa

Washington Post | 
[A] team of chemists and engineers at the [U.S. Geological Survey] and University of Iowa reported that they found neonicotinoids ...