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How your personality is influenced by your physical appearance

BBC | 
Known as “facultative personality calibration”, this is the idea that our personalities develop in a way that best suits the ...

Personality research: A bright spot in the midst of psychology’s ‘replication crisis’

British Psychological Society | 
While psychology has been mired in a “replication crisis” recently – based on the failure of contemporary researchers to recreate ...

Are students harmed when their teachers believe in ‘neuromyths’?

British Psychological Society | 
Educational neuromyths include the idea that we learn more effectively when taught via our preferred “learning style”, such as auditory ...
Chess grandmasters live longer—just like elite athletes

Chess grandmasters live longer—just like elite athletes

It’s well established that elite athletes have a longer life expectancy than the general public. A recent review of over 50 studies ...
coffee splash

Caffeine more than a morning boost? It may increase brain’s ‘useful anarchy’ and ‘processing capacity’

British Psychological Society | 
“[B]rain entropy” – intense complexity and irregular variability in brain activity from one moment to the next, [is] marked by greater ...
Will Power

Self control a limited resource? Ego depletion theory gets a boost

British Psychological Society | 
For years, “ego depletion” has been a dominant theory in the study of self control. This is the intuitive idea ...
Marriage holding hands

Marriage changes everything–including your personality

BBC | 
[R]esearch suggests the experience of committing to and settling down with another person really does change our personalities for better ...
Screen Shot at AM

Brain myths: Views about neuroscience are mostly wrong—even among many scientists

British Psychological Society | 
A new US survey published in Frontiers in Psychology finds that belief in brain myths remains widespread, and moreover, that extensive education in neuroscience ...
dt brain active stimulation x

Is ‘free will’ compatible with neuroscience?

New York Magazine | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Back in the 1980s, ...

Do people trust ‘hard’ neuroscience more than ‘soft’ psychology?

Wired | 
Imagine a politician from your party is in trouble for alleged misdemeanors. He’s been assessed by an expert who says ...
mom teen

Teens’ brains: Social processing fails when they hear mom’s criticism

Wired | 
We all know that teen-parent relations can be a tricky business. Now neuroscientists from several leading US universities think they’ve ...

How much does the public actually care about brain science?

Wired | 
It feels to me like interest in the brain has exploded. I’ve seen huge investments in brain science by the ...
focus full

Overclocking your brain? Be careful

Wired | 
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) head-sets send electrical currents straight through your skull and into your brain, but do they ...
monkey mirror

Did brain mirror neurons help shape our civilization?

Wired | 
A new study debunks the hype surrounding mirror neurons and surveys current literature to take a calm and objective look ...
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