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Viewpoint: The faulty logic behind popular anti-GMO meme ‘it just feels right’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
I don’t know about you, but I have never liked the sound the letters TO, TWO, and TOO makes. Maybe ...

Kevin Folta’s Florida colleague reflects on conflicts in biotech communication outreach

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A fellow professor of Dr. Kevin Folta at the University of Florida analyzes the controversy over genetic literacy outreach and ...
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Confession of liberal, organic food consumer-scientist: ‘I support GMOs’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
I love organic food. My “significant other” cooks and eats only organic and I love her food. My confession: I ...
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GMO ‘foreign gene’ fears? Breeders incorporating unknown DNA into food crops for centuries

Genetic Literacy Project | 
One of the more popular criticisms of genetically modified food revolves around fears that foods are being "contaminated" by "foreign" ...