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Genetic screening of embryos thwarts disease and creates ethical questions

New York Times | 
Screening embryos for IVF lets parents avoid passing on deadly genetic diseases. But selecting according to gender or disease risk ...

Rare mutation ignites race for cholesterol drug

New York Times | 
The identification of woman with a rare gene mutation that results in astoundingly low LDL, or "bad," cholesterol levels has set off ...

The erosion of genetic privacy

New York Times | 
For years now, a steady stream of research has eroded scientists’ faith that DNA can be held anonymously. Not so ...

Poking holes in genetic privacy

New York Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Not so long ago, people who provided DNA in the course of research studies were ...

Using mice to search for cancer genes

New York Times | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is at the forefront of a new approach to ...

Plans for a global trove of genetic data

New York Times | 
The goal is to put the vast collection of data on genetic variations and health into databases open to researchers ...
test tubes

Geneticists push for global data-sharing

New York Times | 
69 institutions in 13 countries are working to enable the free flow of information in genomic medicine ...

Unlucky family with faulty DNA yields clues to heart disease

New York Times | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Early heart disease ran in Rick Del Sontro’s family, and every time he went ...
breast cacer

Cancers united by common genetic patterns

New York Times | 
Evidence grows that cancers are best defined by their genetic fingerprints, not their organ of origin ...

Human genome, then and now

New York Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Eight years of work, thousands of researchers around the world, $1 billion spent — and ...

Five major mental disorders share genetic link

New York Times | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The psychiatric illnesses seem very different — schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, major depression and ...

DNA test for rare disorders becomes more routine

New York Times | 
The following is an excerpt. A new kind of testing is proving particularly helpful in diagnosing mysterious neurological illnesses in ...

Mutations found in melanomas may shed light on how cancers grow

New York Times | 
The following is an excerpt. In a leap forward in understanding the basic science of one of the most lethal ...
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Seeking clues to violence in the genome of Newtown gunman

New York Times | 
Geneticists at the University of Connecticut are quietly making plans to study the DNA of the Newtown gunman, in an ...

Alzheimer’s tied to mutation harming immune response

New York Times | 
In a surprising coincidence, two groups of researchers working from entirely different starting points have converged on a mutated gene ...
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DNA test for babies speeds diagnosis

New York Times | 
A new technique for quickly analyzing the DNA of newborns zeros in on mutations that can cause disease, demonstrating that ...

In breakthrough, geneticists find 4 distinct types of cancer leading to new treatments

New York Times | 
In findings that are fundamentally reshaping the scientific understanding of breast cancer, researchers have identified four genetically distinct types of ...

Genetic study stirs hope for lung cancer patients

Boston Globe | 
The first large and comprehensive study of the genetics of a common lung cancer finds that more than half the ...

Personal genomics: New drugs target common cancers

New York Times | 
Tens of thousands of Americans with tumors from certain types of lung cancer have mutations that might be treated by ...
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‘Gene switches’ in ‘junk DNA’ control human health

New York Times | 
The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once ...
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DNA sleuths cure hospital infections

New York Times | 
In one of the nation's most sophisticated hospitals, genome sequencing helped cure a deadly infection that spread through the hospital ...

Gene studies pose ethical dilemma when disease mutations are found

New York Times | 
In laboratories around the world, genetic researchers using tools that are ever more sophisticated to peer into the DNA of ...
breast cancer genes

Vast gene study raises hope for colon cancer drugs

New York Times | 
More than 200 researchers investigating colon cancer tumors have found genetic vulnerabilities that could lead to powerful new treatments. The ...

Genetic gamble: A new cancer treatment’s tantalizing promise brings heartbreaking ups and downs

New York Times | 
Mrs. McDaniel, the 69-year-old wife of a retired corporate executive, had gambled on the ultimate in personalized medicine, an approach ...

Mutation that makes tomatoes bland identified as gene deliberately bred for color

Ledger | 
Plant geneticists say they have discovered an answer to a near universal question: Why are tomatoes usually so tasteless? ...
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How do you live knowing you might have an alzheimer’s gene?

New York Times | 
Though as much as 99 percent of all Alzheimer’s cases are not a result of a known genetic mutation, researchers ...