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Viewpoint: How the United Nations stifles biotechnology innovation

GM Crops and Food | 
The political elites who advocate bigger and more intrusive government habitually try to use scientific literacy as a rhetorical cudgel ...

GMO labeling push reflects deep misunderstandings of science

Washington Examiner | 
Critics say genetically modified foods might be unsafe, but even if they are not, consumers have a right to know ...

General MIlls emboldens fringe groups by removing GM ingredients from Cheerios

Wall Street Journal | 
This month General Mills announced that it would begin labeling its flagship product, the breakfast cereal Cheerios, as containing no ...

Genetically engineered in California: A food label we don’t need, says pro-GM supporter

Forbes | 
From “food miles” to farmers’ markets, it seems that consumers have never been more interested in the ways their food ...

Is labeling of genetically engineered foods a losing proposition?

Forbes | 
As Joe Six-pack munches Fritos and popcorn during the opening games of the NFL season, does he care what variety ...