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lab grown meat

FDA, USDA announce formal agreement to tag team lab-grown meat regulation

Kimberly Leonard | 
Two government agencies will team up to regulate the emerging market of lab-grown meat, the Trump administration announced [March 7]. The Food ...
OMGJonathanVanNe HR

Viewpoint: FDA needs to regulate alcohol companies that imply non-GMO cocktails are healthy

Kevin Mooney | 
When liquor companies start promoting the health benefits of cocktails, you know it’s time for the feds to get serious ...
michelob ultra pure gold

Viewpoint: Michelob’s ‘Pure Gold’ organic beer won’t preserve your health or the environment

Amanda Zaluckyj | 
Beer companies often use sex to sell their beers, but Michelob Ultra is reinventing the beer commercial by advertising something ...
non gmo

Viewpoint: Food companies should reject Non-GMO Project’s ‘extortion racket’

Kevin Mooney | 
Pay your protection money! Do the secret handshake and kiss the ring! Otherwise, you can expect to be on the ...
px US Supreme Court Building e

Viewpoint: America’s courts must keep ‘junk science’ out of legal proceedings

Sherman Joyce | 
When jurors hear cases, they reasonably expect that they are presented only with reliable scientific information to support their deliberations ...
Screen Shot at PM

Did EU’s regulation of pesticides contribute to Brexit?

Cristian Busoi | 
Historically, British farmers have supported the European Union, grateful both for subsidies and access to continental markets. Yet most of ...
Screen Shot at PM

GMOs illustrate problem of false balance, junk science in media

T. Becket Adams | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. More than 100 Nobel ...

In Zika fight, should we prioritize our environment over human lives?

Richard Tren | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Zika is a real ...
Honey bee Apis mellifera

Sensationalist news on bees, neonicotinoids, ‘junk science’ leads to bad policy

T. Becket Adams | 
Next to Congress, the least-trusted institutions in the United States include newspapers, television and Internet news, according to Gallup. But ...

GMO labeling push reflects deep misunderstandings of science

Gregory Conko | 
Critics say genetically modified foods might be unsafe, but even if they are not, consumers have a right to know ...