Viewpoint: Food companies should reject Non-GMO Project’s ‘extortion racket’

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Image Credit: Down to Earth Organic and Natural

Pay your protection money! Do the secret handshake and kiss the ring!

Otherwise, you can expect to be on the receiving end of a marketing campaign that will sully the reputation of your products and jeopardize your business.

That’s the message….the Non-GMO Project has been sending to food retailers across the country….While the Non-GMO Project postures in the public interest, its marketing campaigns are attached to narrow special interests that undermine technological innovations in the agricultural industry….

[F]ood companies are ponying up anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year to have their operations and products inspected for what the Non-GMO Project terms “GMO Contamination.”

That’s what you call a loaded term, and it’s one that does a great disservice to consumers….More than 100 government-funded studies have found that GMOs are every bit as safe, if not safer, than conventionally bred crops.

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Under FDA guidelines, “GMO-Free” and “No GMOs” labels are impermissible if they include explicit or even implied health claims that non-GMO products are safer for humans and the environment….according to the FDA.


That’s a problem for the Non-GMO Project — or at least it would be if the law was enforced….There’s an extortion racket at work here, but it’s one that can be brought down if private industry groups form a united front to resist the Non-GMO Project’s pressure tactics.

Read full, original article: The strong-arm tactics of anti-GMO zealots must be resisted

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