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Oxygen therapy reverses brain damage in toddler who nearly drowned

Newsweek | 
In what is believed to be a world first, scientists have reversed brain damage in a toddler that drowned in ...

Vitamin-A rich GMO banana, which could fight malnutrition in Africa, ready for field trials

Newsweek | 
Scientists in Australia have created golden-orange-fleshed bananas rich in pro-vitamin A that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands ...
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Fighting high cholesterol: Vaccine promises long-lasting fix

Newsweek | 
Scientists have begun a clinical trial to test a high cholesterol vaccine after research on mice proved successful. If the ...
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Our brains have 11 dimensions

Newsweek | 
Scientists studying the brain have discovered that the organ operates on up to 11 different dimensions, creating multiverse-like structures that ...