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Plastic into protein? It may seem far-fetched, but a ‘food generator’ is in the works

Plastic into protein? It may seem far-fetched, but a ‘food generator’ is in the works

Georgina Jadikovskaall | Newsweek | 
Two U.S. scientists have won a 1 million euro ($1.18 million) prize for creating a food generator concept that turns ...
RNA hacking: How the miraculous tools of the genetics revolution will transform healthcare and the world

RNA hacking: How the miraculous tools of the genetics revolution will transform healthcare and the world

Jamie Metzl | Newsweek | 
[mRNA COVID] vaccines, in essence, transform our bodies into personalized manufacturing plants producing an otherwise foreign object to trigger our ...
free spread of covid in sweden didnt lead to herd immunity

‘Nowhere in sight’: Sweden shows no signs of herd immunity developing

Kashmira Gander | Newsweek | 
[Sweden] didn't enforce a lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but instead advised citizens on how to behave. Shops, restaurants, and gyms stayed ...

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker propose phased in ‘factory farming’ ban to clamp down on ‘Big Ag’

Aila Slisco | Newsweek | 
Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced [May 7] that she would be co-sponsoring Sen. Cory Booker's bill to phase out large-scale factory ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Plant-based beef ingredients from China may hurt Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat sales

Mikhal Weiner | Newsweek | 
While America's biggest beef and pork producers were nearly laid low in April by COVID-19 cases in their workforce, sales ...
reu vaccine

Human trials underway on 2 coronavirus vaccines in China

Kashmira Gander | Newsweek | 
China has started clinical trials on two potential COVID-19 vaccines, the country's official state-run press agency reported citing the State ...
starbucks food breakfast sandwichko x

Starbucks to launch plant-based breakfast sandwich as part of ‘environmentally friendly’ menu

Sophia Waterfield | Newsweek | 
Starbucks announced it will become the latest food chain to introduce a plant-based breakfast patty for its customers in the ...
burger vegan

Plant-based burgers are wildly popular. Are any of them vegan?

Seren Morris | Newsweek | 
.... [W]ith a range of new "plant-based" meat options entering fast-food restaurants like Burger King, Denny's and Dunkin Donuts, which ...
young family with daughter taking a walk on royalty free image

Why did sex evolve? It may protect against rare cancers, researchers suggest

Kashmira Gander | Newsweek | 
In an essay published in the journal PLOS Biology, scientists presented a theory which they say could answer a 50-year ...
citrus greening

Viewpoint: GMO trees could save America’s ‘decimated’ citrus industry from bacterial ‘plague’

Henry Miller | Newsweek | 
Farmers in the major U.S. citrus-producing regions—Florida, California, Texas and Arizona, in particular—are facing a plague of epic proportions. Oranges ...

Some wild bee populations are declining. What can we do about it?

Aristos Georgiou, Robert Gegear | Newsweek | 
In recent years, a significant amount of attention has been paid to the numerous threats that are facing the honeybee ...
istock original

‘It’s not too late’: The quest to reverse autism at any age

Peter Tsai | Newsweek | 
[T]he average age of diagnosis for a child with autism is over four years. Because of late diagnoses, many of ...

Could propensity for drug addiction be linked to an ancient virus in some people’s genes?

Kashmira Gander | Newsweek | 
Drug addicts are more likely to carry an ancient virus which could affect the production of dopamine than the rest ...

Most people don’t know if they have cancer-causing BRCA mutation, study says

Kashmira Gander | Newsweek | 
Most people who carry genes that raise their risk of developing certain forms of cancer are unaware of it, according to ...
ancient foal video

‘Incredibly rare’ extinct Siberian horse to be cloned

Katherine Hignett | Newsweek | 
Scientists recently extracted an almost perfectly preserved prehistoric baby horse from the permafrost of Siberia’s “Mouth of Hell” crater in Yakutia. At ...

Olympic genes? China will use genetic tests to help choose its athletes

Jason Lemon | Newsweek | 
Chinese athletes aiming to represent their country in the 2022 Winter Olympics will undergo genetic testing as part of the ...

Why cancer research should focus more on African genomes

Jessica Wapner | Newsweek | 
In the past, African patients have had poor access to medical advances, even as scientists use them as research subjects ...

Can we treat autism with CRISPR gene editing?

Lisa Spear | Newsweek | 
Scientists have figured how to use a form of the powerful gene-editing tool CRISPR to erase genetic traits normally associated ...

‘De-extinction’ could revive vanished Tasmanian tiger—or something close to it

Kristin Hugo | Newsweek | 
With the stripes of a tiger, the body shape of a dog and the pouch of a kangaroo, the Australian ...

Walking upright emerged long before modern humans

Aristos Georgiou | Newsweek | 
The question of whether our early ancestors walked fully upright or in a crouched position, like apes, has long been ...
Screen Shot at PM e

Viewpoint: EWG’s Dirty Dozen foods and pesticides list scares people away from healthy eating

Dana Dovey | Newsweek | 
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) on [April 10] released its 2018 “Dirty Dozen” list to showcase the top pesticide-riddled fruits and vegetables. But some argue ...

Direct-to-consumer genetic test results 40 percent wrong in small study

Kristin Hugo | Newsweek | 
At-home DNA tests are “not intended for medical use,” meaning that the data they give you shouldn’t be used as ...
Pork Jews Ben Kendall

Kosher pork? Meat from cloned pigs and lab-grown meat are Kosher, prominent Israeli rabbi says

Benjamin Fearnow | Newsweek | 
Prominent Israeli Rabbi Yuval Cherlow says meat from a cloned pig would be considered kosher under Jewish dietary laws. Cherlow, ...

Study of 54,000 farmers finding no glyphosate-cancer link could sink Monsanto lawsuit

Kate Sheridan | Newsweek | 
More than 300 lawsuits have been filed on behalf of farmers and others who said that Monsanto's popular weed killer, Roundup, gave them ...

Do humans and apes share ‘universal body language’?

Aristos Georgiou | Newsweek | 
Now, new research published in the open-access journal PLOS Biology has shown that chimps and bonobos may be able to understand each ...
Mahogany Workplace Wine Breakup Alcoholism

Will evolution protect humans from alcoholism?

Dana Dovey | Newsweek | 
Humans may be evolving a genetic variant that would make them physically unable to consume large amounts of alcohol, new research suggests ...
Marijuana Study On Treating Autism

Should we be treating autism with marijuana?

Debra Kamin | Newsweek | 
4-year-old Benjamin is repeatedly smashing his head against the wall. He spins wildly in circles, screeching at full volume. … ...
a new understanding

Speech mystery: Language relies on brain pathways that predate human beings

Dana Dovey | Newsweek | 
New research has identified the brain systems involved in language learning and discovered that these systems pre-date the human species ...
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