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free spread of covid in sweden didnt lead to herd immunity

‘Nowhere in sight’: Sweden shows no signs of herd immunity developing

Newsweek | 
[Sweden] didn't enforce a lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but instead advised citizens on how to behave. Shops, restaurants, and gyms stayed ...
reu vaccine

Human trials underway on 2 coronavirus vaccines in China

Newsweek | 
China has started clinical trials on two potential COVID-19 vaccines, the country's official state-run press agency reported citing the State ...
young family with daughter taking a walk on royalty free image

Why did sex evolve? It may protect against rare cancers, researchers suggest

Newsweek | 
In an essay published in the journal PLOS Biology, scientists presented a theory which they say could answer a 50-year ...

Could propensity for drug addiction be linked to an ancient virus in some people’s genes?

Newsweek | 
Drug addicts are more likely to carry an ancient virus which could affect the production of dopamine than the rest ...

Most people don’t know if they have cancer-causing BRCA mutation, study says

Newsweek | 
Most people who carry genes that raise their risk of developing certain forms of cancer are unaware of it, according to ...

Want a better workout? Company says DNA profiling could help, but scientists skeptical

Independent | 
[Genetic information] is being harnessed to help both athletes and the average Joe achieve their fitness potentials. ... [H]ealth firm ...