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UK genetics research making strides in cancer and rare disease treatment

BBC | 
Prime Minister David Cameron has said it "will see the UK lead the world in genetic research within years." The ...
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Acid bath stem cell method scientist retracts study

BBC News | 
The researchers behind the acid bath stem cell method that caused a stir in January have asked to retract the ...

Developing a test to predict prostrate cancer risk

BBC News | 
DNA testing can predict which men face the highest risk of deadly prostate cancer, scientists say. The team at the ...

Only two genes make the man…or mouse

BBC News | 
Scientists have practically obliterated the ultimate symbol of maleness in DNA, the Y chromosome, and believe they may be able ...

Genetic study shows dangerous bacterim not spread in hospitals, as previously thought

BBC News | 
Analysis of every C. diff infection in Oxfordshire for more than three years showed less than a fifth of cases had ...

Early-stage embryo chemicals broadcast genetic health information to the uterus

BBC News | 
It is important for the lining of the womb to know if an embryo is healthy before allowing it to ...

Alzheimer’s blood test edges closer

BBC | 
For now, there is no definitive test for Alzheimer's disease. Doctors rely on cognition tests and brain scans. So one of ...

Public Health England to launch largest cancer database

BBC | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The world's largest database of cancer patients is being set up in England in ...

Gene therapy: Engineered ‘heart-healing virus’ trial starts

BBC | 
The following is an excerpt. Patients in the UK have been enrolled into a trial to see if an engineered ...

Three-person IVF could move closer in UK

BBC | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The UK could move a step closer to allowing the creation of babies from ...

Thriving cancer’s ‘chaos’ explained

BBC | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The way cancers make a chaotic mess of their genetic code in order to ...

Patient’s own blood used to create personalized stem cells

BBC | 
A patient's own blood has been used to make personalised stem cells, which doctors hope will eventually be used to ...

DNA sequencing used to stop “superbug” outbreak in hospital

BBC | 
An outbreak of the hospital superbug MRSA has been brought to an end by UK doctors cracking the bacterium's genetic ...
c gene therapy conc

First gene therapy to go on sale in 2013

BBC | 
The first gene therapy to be approved in a regulated market was announced by the European Commission. The therapy, available ...
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