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Should the world follow Britain’s model for policies on “three-person babies”?

Biopolitical Times | 
Some have suggested that we look for guidance to the United Kingdom’s policy process for...“three-person IVF"....How did the UK come ...

UC Davis prof argues three-person IVF not same as “life-saving treatment”

Biopolitical Times | 
UC Davis Assistant Professor of Philosophy Tina Rulli published a report titled "What is the Value of Three-Parent IVF?"...If you have ...

‘Three-person embryo’ closer to reality, but critics say it still has obstacles to overcome

Biopolitical Times | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In February 2015, the ...

Regulation of mitochondrial replacement therapy needs to consider cross-generational consequences

Biopolitical Times | 
How does one go about regulating the world’s first cross-generational biological experiment in human germline modification? The regulating body in ...

Human germline gene editing too complex for black-and-white moral framing

Guardian | 
The first day of BEINGS2015, “A Gathering of Global Thought Leaders to Reach Consensus on the Direction of Biotechnology for the ...

Can Apple’s foray into open-source DNA data succeed?

Biopolitical Times | 
A new rumor is spreading that Apple may be leveraging its ubiquity to encourage iPhone owners to participate in DNA ...
surrogacy for hire

Commercial surrogacy industry creating baby factories?

Biopolitical Times | 
“Outsourcing Embryos” is the name of a new fifteen-minute documentary from Vice for HBO in which correspondent Gianna Toboni travels ...

Human germline editing debate needs public discourse more than moratorium

Biopolitical Times | 
Three high-profile scientific statements published in quick succession called for various kinds of moratoria on research on and/or use of ...

Is your genetic information safe? Questions emerge over California and other states’ DNA collection programs

Biopolitical Times | 
Nintey-eight percent of all babies born in the United States have a tiny prick of their blood screened for a few ...

Is UK’s ‘3-parent IVF’ approval up to ethical standards?

Biopolitical Times | 
A lengthy and consequential policy process in the UK has now come to an end. Despite what could turn out ...

FDA intensifies discussions on medical and ethical issues of mitochondrial replacement therapy

Biopolitical Times | 
On January 27, 2015, a newly appointed committee of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) will hold the first in a ...

Three parent babies: Social and ethical implications

Biopolitical Times | 
Nuclear genome transfer for preventing the transmission of mitochondrial disease – also known as “3-person IVF” – is a form ...

Should direct-to-consumer DNA tests come with a health warning?

Pharmaceutical Journal | 
Genetic testing is appropriate — and can be life saving — when doctors and genetic counsellors interpret complex results and map out ...
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Bio-hack makes vaginas smell like peaches? Controversy over probiotic supplement

Biopolitical Times | 
Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome, of biotech start-ups Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics, announced at November's DEMO conference, "New Tech Solving ...
rs x egg freezing apple facebook ls

Why Apple and Facebook are paying female employees to freeze eggs

Huffington Post | 
The workforces of Facebook and Apple are 69 percent and 70 percent male, and the companies have been getting a lot of flack for ...

Critics of ‘three-person’ IVF: Media oversimplifies role of mitochondrial genome

Biopolitical Times | 
If you’ve read anything at all promoting 3-person IVF, you’ve no doubt seen the analogy that the cellular organelles called mitochondria ...

Is the search for “IQ genes” a fool’s errand?

Huffington Post | 
Science writer David Dobbs has definitively described the voracious appetite of the "selfish gene" meme, pointing out that the notion of individual ...

Media cycle helps pepetuate misleading ‘gene of the week’ cycle

Biopolitical Times | 
Science writer David Dobbs has definitively described the voracious appetite of the “selfish gene” meme, pointing out that the notion ...

Could genetic testing make having a disabled child immoral?

Biopolitical Times | 
The summer's "ice bucket challenge" has brought an extraordinary amount of attention to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a neurodegenerative disease ...
pregnancy risks

Where to draw the line on human genetic modification

As the genetically modified food wars wage on, another bombshell has been quietly waiting to drop: We could soon start ...
dna samping

What’s ethical when cops use DNA to find a suspect in a crowd?

Biopolitical Times | 
A “DNA sweep” or “DNA dragnet” refers to the practice of police officers asking large numbers of people to voluntarily ...

Litany of unknowns surface at FDA germline modification meeting

Center for Genetics and Society | 
An FDA committee held a historic public meeting last week to discuss the scientific, technologic, and clinical issues related to ...

Former IVF baby weighs in on three-parent IVF

Huffington Post | 
I have my parents, and biotechnology, to thank for bringing me into this world; I was an IVF baby. Given this ...

FDA to hold public meeting about a form of human germline modification

Biopolitical Times | 
On October 22-23, an advisory committee of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will hold a public meeting on "oocyte ...

Next-generation sequencing, with love

Biopolitical Times | 
Last week, researchers at the University of Oxford announced that the first baby had been born after undergoing a technique which can ...

Is the media storm around Angelina Jolie raising awareness or increasing misunderstanding?

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. Angelina Jolie’s New York Times op-ed about her preventative double mastectomy continues to generate news ...

Made-to-order embryos: You want to sell what?!

Biopolitical Times | 
 This is an excerpt. With political dividing lines carved deep into the collective consciousness, wading through the ethical minefield of ...

“World’s first GM babies born” — 12-year-old article continues to cause confusion

Biopolitical Times | 
The following is an excerpt. An undated Daily Mail article that is actually over a decade old continues to spread misinformation about ...
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