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Ethical pros and cons of infecting healthy volunteers in quest for COVID-19 vaccine

Science News | 
Instead of vaccinating hundreds to thousands of people and waiting to see if they naturally catch the virus, scientists would ...
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Aggression, trainability and other dog traits linked to genetics in study

Science News | 
Among 101 dog breeds, scientists found that certain behavioral traits such as trainability or aggression were more likely to be shared ...
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Too much of a good thing? Why empathy has a ‘dark side’

NPR | 
Empathy seems like a good quality in human beings. Pure and simple. It allows us to consider the perspective of ...

Have grandmothers offered evolutionary advantages to their families?

NPR | 
Since the name of the evolutionary game is survival and reproduction, the phenomenon begs explanation — why live longer than ...
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What jellyfish can show us about complex evolution through simple genomes

Quanta | 
You might expect that as bodies became more complex, genomes did as well. But a recent study appearing in Nature Ecology & Evolution ...
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Are our microbes part of us? ‘Radical upgrade’ of evolutionary theory

Quanta | 
Look closely enough at any plant or animal and you will discover a riot of bacteria, fungi and viruses forming ...