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Podcast: Is the ‘bliss gene’ real?

Slate | 
In the interview, Maria Konnikova is back for another round of “Is That Bullshit?” Because Mike experiences less anxiety than ...
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Are genes more important than practice for excelling in games, sports, and academics?

New Yorker | 
[The] age-old debate: nature versus nurture, genetics versus effort. We’ve been having it long before we knew what DNA was...[T]he ...

Is the infinite universe of Internet pornography a danger, or an asset to sexuality?

Aeon | 
‘The widespread use of internet porn is one of the fastest-moving global experiments ever unconsciously conducted,’ the U.S. science writer ...

Why touch is so important to emotional, physical wellbeing

New Yorker | 
Touch is the first of the senses to develop in the human infant, and it remains perhaps the most emotionally ...
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Disgust over ‘unnaturalness’ of GMOs prime reason for opposition

New Yorker | 
Feelings of disgust are often immune to rationality. And with good reason: evolutionarily, disgust is an incredibly adaptive, life-saving reaction. We find ...

Don’t need much sleep? Thank your genes.

New Yorker | 
Allan Pack wasn’t always a sleep expert. He started his career as a pulmonologist and came to the University of ...

Is susceptibility to procrastination genetic?

New Yorker | 
Want to hear my favorite procrastination joke? I’ll tell you later. Piers Steel, a psychologist at the University of Calgary, ...

The psychology of distrusting GMOs

New Yorker | 
Psychologists have long observed that there is a continuum in what we perceive as natural or unnatural. As the psychologist Robert Sternberg wrote in ...
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