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Cows in Pastures Agriland x

Coronavirus antibodies from GMO cows set for summer clinical trials

Science | 
The latest recruits in the fight against COVID-19 are munching hay in a South Dakota barn. A biotech company has ...
x is your body aging faster than it should be slideshow

Cells that fight pathogens might also speed up human ‘inflammaging’

Science | 
Our T cells let us down as we age, becoming weaker pathogen fighters. This decline helps explain why elderly people ...
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‘Cutting-edge’ artificial cells could boost precision medicine efforts

Science | 
No biologist would mistake the microscopic "cells" that chemical biologist Neal Devaraj and colleagues are whipping up at the University ...
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Quest to find molecule that sparks multiple sclerosis yields promising discovery

Science | 
Researchers have long suspected that a self-antigen—a normal molecule in the body that the immune system mistakenly treats as a ...

Evolution’s way: Odd survival strategies in the face of scarce resources and predators

Science | 
Nature has a lot to teach us. As part of our special package, we explored how animals, plants, and bacteria use ...
White blood cell warning system ‘sprays’ DNA to alert other cells

White blood cell warning system ‘sprays’ DNA to alert other cells

Science | 
When some of our white blood cells detect viruses or other microbes that have invaded our bodies, they may alert ...
If You Are Not Hungry You Are Not Losing Fat

Diabetes and anorexia might be treatable by inhibiting ‘hunger hormone’, mice study suggests

Science | 
Scientists once had high hopes that inhibiting a hormone named ghrelin would be the key to preventing obesity. Ghrelin didn’t ...
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In era of personalized medicine, what’s the value of cholesterol tests?

Science | 
Most physicians order what [cardiologist Allan Sniderman] considers the wrong test to gauge heart disease risk: a standard cholesterol readout, ...

End of allergies? Researchers identify cells that trigger reactions

Science | 
Allergies stem from mistaken identity, when some of our immune cells respond to benign substances—known as allergens—that include pollen, mold ...
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Genes remain active, or even switch on, after death

Science | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Does death really mean ...