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Patent ending for first major GM crop, Roundup Ready soy, new era of open source GMO seeds

I argued in my 2013 book, The Infinite Resource, that the “seeds shouldn’t be patented” argument against GMOs and specifically against ...
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Response to Grist’s Johnson: Ramez Nam on why GMOs matter—especially for the developing world

Grist | 
After Grist ran Nathanael Johnson’s summary essay in his sixth month series, What I learned from six months of GMO ...
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Video: Ramez Naam discusses linking human brains

TEDxTalks | 
At a recent TEDxRainier talk, author and technologist Ramez Naam discussed the current science of sending sights, sounds, and sensations ...
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Sustainability expert Ramez Naam: Yes on labels, but No on I-522

Seattle Stranger | 
When used correctly, labels can be beneficial and informative to the consumer. I-522 is neither ...

It’s time to play God with our food

Big Think | 
There future of food may hold some hybrid of organic and genetically modified techniques, if we're ready for it ...

Why scientists and science advocates shouldn’t fight the GM-labeling movement

Discover | 
Ramez Naam, a GLP contributor, makes the argument that -- despite the scientific evidence for the safety of genetically modified ...

Why GMO supporters should embrace labels

Discover | 
The following is an excerpt. Keith Kloor has graciously given me the opportunity to guest post here again.  So let ...
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Greener than green: Biotech and the future of agriculture (Part II)

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Has the promise of the agricultural biotech revolution been oversold? Why are so many otherwise progressive thinkers so resistant to ...
The Infinite Resource

Greener than green: Biotech and the future of agriculture (Part I)

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Here in the first of a two part series presented exclusively at the Genetic Literacy Project, Ramez Naam -- a ...