Why scientists and science advocates shouldn't fight the GM-labeling movement

| | May 2, 2013

Ramez Naam has contributed to the GLP with a two-part feature "Greener than green," (Part I, Part II). In this guest post at the Collide-a-Scape blog, he makes the argument that -- despite the scientific evidence for the safety of genetically modified crops -- fighting the GM-labeling movement is only fanning the flames of fear and consumer mistrust. Excerpt below.

I believe in science, and I believe that science tells us that our currently approved GMOs are safe for humans and good for the planet, and that next generation GMOs will be even better.

So why label them?

The short answer is this: by fighting labeling, we’re feeding energy to the opponents of GMOs.  We’re inducing more fear and paranoia of the technology, rather than less.  We’re persuading those who might otherwise have no opinion on GMOs that there must be something to hide, otherwise, why would we fight so hard to avoid labeling?

Read the full post here: Why GMO Supporters Should Embrace Labels

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