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lassa fever what is it deadly the disease can cause dangerous epidemics

COVID pandemic exposes Africa’s need for long-term solutions to Lassa fever and other neglected tropical diseases

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Spread by food contaminated by the feces or urine of disease-carrying rodents and endemic to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and ...

Rescuing Africa’s staple orphan crops—sorghum, millet, cowpea, cassava and sweat potato—with biotechnology could help feed millions of people

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The year is 2100 and Africa is home to the world’s largest population of young people, with its current leader ...

Viewpoint: Debunking bizarre conspiracy theory about western billionaires using GMOs to depopulate Africa

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The truth is that African farmers need biotech crops as climate change makes farming an increasingly difficult profession ...
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Viewpoint: Developing countries need GMO, gene-edited crops to solve food security challenges

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With a ballooning population and climate change, genetic engineering is needed now more than ever ...