Vigilante “Label It Yourself” activists violate federal law


Prop 37 failed in California, but the Label It Yourself campaign encourages activists to place their own self-printed “warning” labels on genetically engineered foods on supermarket shelves. Such guerrilla labeling tactics violate several federal laws and misinform consumers. The government’s failure to prosecute these vigilantes sends the message that it will look the other way as people commit crimes to achieve their political agendas.

View the original article here: Front Page Felonies: A Pass from Police Agencies Rewards Vigilantism, Victimizes Society

  • Roze of the Valley

    As someone born and raised working poor I find the anti-gmo truthers offensive. Anything that helps the poor have more nutritious food is good. The cost of food has went up really high in Canada where I live and taxes are high so anything to help bring down the cost is good and DESPERATELY NEEDED. People with the privilege of buying overpriced organic food could never empathize with choosing cheap processed food or nothing and often having nothing in the days before pay day. They are obviously ideologically motivated this can be okay but not when you dont understand the science. Naturalistic fallacy anyone?

    • Justino

      GMO’s are unhealthy homie. Dont let Big Pharma and Big Agra fool you

  • reginabee

    Roze , this is just on eof the lies the corporate foodopoly wants you to believe. You think eating healthy and organic is expensive, have you priced cancer? Eating healthy does not mean going broke. It is as simple as growing your own tomatoes, buying carrots and potatoes and helathy greens instead of CRAP with hydrogenated additives and other very very toxic ingredients. It means simple good heatlhy meals, you can buy ornagic bananas, which can be frozen and make banana bread which will provide good healthy delicious nutrition for days! (or maybe not! lol) Do not play into the hands of the industry. They have polluted our air, water and soil and now they want to get thier hands on our SEEDS. Look how hard the “poor” nations are g fighting for thier seed sovereignty. Be aware and make sure you are reading your labels and making the choices that will make a difference for YOU and your family’s health and not buy into the lies that line the pockets of the biotech industry. Just read the history of MOSANTO and watch the documentary the world according to monsanto. Also, try to catch RON FINLAY on TED TALKS.GANGSTA GARDENER! Love him!

  • Diane Schips

    “guerrilla labeling tactics “? Wow, makes me wonder where the snipers are hiding. What message do you think the government is sending when it looks the other way as corporations poison our food? Or as chemical corporation like Monsanto and Dow aggressively seek to control out food supply?