GE foods are not the enemy

The following is an edited excerpt.

“Genetic Engineering (GE)” is the new curse word, and Monsanto is the latest incarnation of Dr. Frankenstein, using GE to create unnatural “frankenfoods” that will, like the movie monster, wreak havoc among innocent people and the environment.

Now before you start lighting the torches for the howling mob to hunt me down, let me say I agree that Monsanto is the usual “corporate person” suspect. And hang on a bit while I explain that it is OK to dislike Monsanto for doing to the environment what banks did to the economy: searching for profits relentlessly, heedless of its impact on people or the environment.

However, disliking Monsanto specifically and only because it does GE is not the best way to approach activism against rapacious corporations, because manipulating genes is already firmly established and has been for a long time, and in quite a few cases has proven to be a good thing, such as for that weed you’re smoking while reading this article.


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