Do you share a haplogroup with Dracula?

Some Halloween fans take costuming to a whole other level. The wig will be just right, the make-up impeccable, the voice adjusted, and the costume scarily realistic. But even for these semi-pros, something is always missing. For all the external adornments, they will never really become the character without the real monster stuff; without the monster mojo inside; without monster DNA.

But is it possible that they or you do indeed carry this monster DNA?

This Halloween, the Genographic Project explores our creepier potential ancestors, and estimates both the paternal (Y-Chromosome) and maternal (mitochondrial) haplogroup, or ancestral clan, for the Mummy, Dracula, and the Frankenstein creature, and gives you clues to see if there are more than just skeletons in your closet…

Read the full, original story here: Unveiling the Halloween Monster DNA in Everyone

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