Retraction! Prestigious journal pulls botched Séralini GMO rat study


Food and Chemical Toxicology, which last year published the now notorious GMO rat study by French scientist Gilles-Éric Séralini that suggested that a genetically modified corn variety led to a high incidence of cancers, will be retracted and evidence of it expunged from the journal’s database.

As reported in the French media, the editor of the journal, A. Wallace Hayes, has sent Seralini a letter saying that the paper will be retracted if Seralini does not agree to withdraw it.

Ivan Oransky, vice president and global editorial director of MedPage Today, has the breaking skinny on this fast developing story in Retraction Watch.

Check the Genetic Literacy Project for updates as this story unfolds.

Read the full, original story: Controversial Seralini GMO-rats paper to be retracted

  • Phil

    He did science- hustled for a grant, did experiments, published the result. It’s not perfect but that is how science goes. He evidently single him out because of big business losing money. It’s not right.