Resolution in Kauai anti-GMO bill calls for 'sketchy' GMO safety assessment

| | December 23, 2013

A resolution in Kauai’s Bill 2491--which heavily restricts the use of GM crops and pesticides--calls for a “neutral facilitator” to convene and facilitate a Pesticide and Genetic Engineering Fact Finding Group to assess the safety of GMOs and pesticides on Kauai.

The process for forming the group has already been politicized, as members will be vetted by two Kauai Councilmembers who voted for the bill and the mayor, who vetoed the bill. Councilman Gary Hooser is “adamantly opposed” to anyone from the farm bureau or seed companies. Apparently he doesn’t believe conventional farmers or biotech workers are a part of the community.

The group will then be tasked with assessing the safety of GM crops compared with conventional crops—something that has already been done by the federal government. The group is also tasked with assembling an inventory of reliable existing studies “preferably but not exclusively peer-reviewed,” which opens doors to all kinds of discredited information.

Who will pay for the safety assessment? Kauai County has just $110,000 allocated, but the study may cost up to $1 million. The county will also seek funding from private investors, many of whom oppose the use of GM crops and supported the passage of Bill 2491.

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