Bad things can happen when food companies listen to anti-GMO activists instead of consumers

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In removing genetically modified ingredients from Cheerios, General Mills joins the growing number of companies that are bending, not to the demands of their loyal female base, the leading purchasers in the consumer market, but to a very vocal and media-savvy minority of radical activists determined to frighten women — particularly mothers — about GM food.

While it is understandable that food companies, like General Mills, Chipotle, Ben & Jerry’s, and Whole Foods, are desperate to find a way to please their critics, especially the powerful anti-GM movement, it appears these companies have settled on a strategy combining meek contrition (we’re sorry we use perfectly safe GM ingredients) and appeasement (we’ll get rid of perfectly safe GM ingredients in some…but not all…products).

Anti-GM activists aren’t the only ones who will benefit from General Mills’ well-meaning but naïve move. Food activists have a long menu of grievances. From sugar and high-fructose corn syrup to artificial flavors and colors, trans-fats, salt and preservatives, General Mills just provided the food police the blueprint for success.

A better solution for companies is to listen to their actual customers — women who want choices in the marketplace and access to both healthy and affordable food. Food companies would be wise to defend the products Americans love and to stand firm against the nonsense peddled by alarmists.

Read the full, original story: General Mills caves to the food police: Column

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