Top 10 GMO answers that consumers want

The results of a new national survey, commissioned by GMO Answers and the Council for Biotechnology Information, identify the leading questions consumers have about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and how our food is grown. The survey was conducted in order to identify, for the first time, the top 10 questions consumers have about GMOs and to open up the conversation on biotechnology’s role in agriculture. Over the next several weeks, scientists, farmers, doctors and other experts will be answering one of the top 10 questions each week on the GMO Answers website and via Twitter.

Ipsos, a global market research company, conducted a national, random telephone survey of 1,006 American adults ages 18 and older. Participants were asked: “The following are questions some people have asked about GMOs. Which of the following questions around the use of GMOs would you be most interested in having answered?” From a list of 23 environmental, business and health-related questions regarding GMOs, respondents identified these questions as the top 10 they want answered:

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1.       If GMOs cause cancer
2.       If GMOs are causing an increase in allergies
3.       If big companies are forcing farmers to grow GMOs
4.       If GMOs are increasing the price of food
5.       If GMOs are contaminating organic food crops
6.       Why long-term health studies aren’t conducted on GMO plants
7.       If GMOs are causing an increase in the use of pesticides
8.       Why GMO companies seem like they are so against labeling GMO foods
9.       If GMOs are contributing to the death of bees and butterflies
10.     If livestock eat genetically modified grain, will there be GMOs in my meat


Read the full, original article: New Poll Identifies Top 10 Consumer Questions on GMOs

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