Retracted Seralini study on GM corn toxicity republished with another unusual embargo


A highly controversial — and retracted — 2012 study by Gilles Seralini and colleagues of the effects of genetically modified maize and the Roundup herbicide on rats has been republished.

Retraction Watch readers may recall that the editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology decided to retract the heavily criticized paper because it was “inconclusive.” The editor, A. Wallace Hayes, claimed that this was consistent with Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines, although we and many others disagreed.

The team circulated an embargoed version of the study to members of the media last week. They withheld the name of the journal — a highly unusual move — and said the name would be released at a press conference. Seralini told Retraction Watch the omission was to prevent GMO and Roundup maker Monsanto from pressuring editors to revoke publication.

Retraction Watch learned yesterday, however, that Environmental Sciences Europe — a journal where Seralini has published before — was the journal publishing the new version. This is hardly the first time that the authors of a retracted paper have republished it. In a recent case, they did so in the same journal. But in a more typical case, they republished the work in another journal, with a lower impact factor.

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