Audio: Keith Kloor discusses NaturalNews’ Mike Adams’ call to arms against biotech supporters

Mike Adams, the self-proclaimed “Health Ranger” of recently portrayed biotech supporters as “Nazi collaborators” and suggested that extreme actions should be taken to silence them. Blogger and science journalist Keith Kloor discusses this bizarre episode with me on Food and Farm.


Bowman: Adams boasts of having a very large following, which he does, on his website, and you really can’t tell what kind of folks might be reading this stuff that he’s ginning up.

Kloor: Absolutely. And I think for me, it’s also important to shine a light because Adams is just a really far extremist element of the anti-GMO movement. I don’t believe Adams is representative of them. But that said, I wrote in some follow-up pieces that he’s sort of pivoting off widely-dispersed claims out there, that had been mainstream that were just false.

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The big claim that’s been floating out there for years that over 250,000 farmers in India had committed suicide because of GMO cotton. I mean, that claim has been mainstream and that is something Adams is pivoting off of. So I think it’s important to know that. He’s taking it so far, but he’s launching his crazy talk from claims that had already been mainstreamed.

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