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coronavirus conspiracy theory exlarge

‘Just an overreaction’: Inside the world of coronavirus denialism

Politico | 
I created a faux Twitter account and set about building my own information bubble. My objective: Inhabit the world of ...
nyt gmo libel suit

University of Florida’s Kevin Folta’s unique libel suit against New York Times faces long odds

Slate | 
A pro-GMO professor, University of Florida plant scientist, Kevin Folta  who claims he has been defamed by the New York Times’ ...

Conservation biology, ideology and the dangers of censorship

Slate | 
If conservation science is in service to an agenda, then it seems inevitable that research would at times be viewed ...
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Opinion: Food Evolution movie gets science right—but that won’t likely convince ‘GMO-averse people’

Slate | 
[Editor's note: Keith Kloor is a freelance writer and adjunct journalism lecturer at New York University.] Unfortunately, there’s no good ...
edd ef

Keither Kloor examines Brooke Borel’s controversial article criticizing Kevin Folta GMO parody site

Blog | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. How do journalists decide what ...
mr burns

Biotech advocates misjudged depth of distrust of corporations

Blog | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. What’s most puzzling to ...

Biotech professor’s emails show no misconduct in battling anti-GMO propaganda, but Monsanto tie noted

Nature | 
Michelle McGuire, a nutrition scientist at Washington State University in Pullman, was stunned when anti-GMO activists asked to read her ...

Cultural brokers—environmental groups, prominent journalists—shape public discourse on GMOs

Discover | 
A Zurich-based think tank asks: “Who is influencing the way we think today? Whose ideas are determining ours?”  To answer that ...
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Food Babe conundrum: Responding to scare mongering while addressing legitimate fears

Discover | 
We live in an age where lots of people have become suspicious of many things tagged by activists–and the media–as ...

Why reporters should confront an indefensible position on GMOs with scientific consensus

Discover | 
I recently spoke at Cornell about the public GMO discourse–who has shaped it and how some commonly held perceptions have taken ...

MSNBC’s ‘Frankenjournalism’ on GM labeling

Discover | 
When veteran health and environmental reporters dig into the GMO debate, they start showing people what all the most trustworthy ...
Screen Shot at AM

Did Bill Nye, the anti-GMO guy, just flip? After visiting Monsanto? Stay tuned

Discover | 
The 'Science Guy' has not yet announced how his views about GMOs have changed--he has been a skeptic for years--but ...

Conflicting principles: Are anti-GMO groups abusing public records transparency laws?

Discover | 
A succession of stories in recent weeks involving scientists and open records requests have anguished many who cherish two ideals: academic ...
portland press herald

Mimicking Climategate, anti-GMO activists fund legal attack on biotech academics

Science | 
US Right to Know, funded mostly by organic activists, is using the Freedom of Information Act to target scientists it ...
Screen Shot at PM

Keith Kloor on Bill Maher, vaccines and GMOs: “Nobody makes liberals look like asses more than Maher”

Discover | 
Bill Maher, the comedian and host of his own HBO show, is God’s gift to conservatives. Nobody makes liberals look ...

Why communicating the science risks of GMOs is so challenging

Discover | 
The science of agricultural biotechnology is a proxy battleground for many people with political or cultural objections to GMOs, much in ...
Screen Shot at PM

Rich and famous embrace Vandana Shiva, wealthy self-described savior of the poor

Discover | 
Vandana Shiva, a global environmental icon and champion of peasant traditions, has been the guest of honor numerous times in ...
nas building

National Academy of Sciences convenes panel to re-evaluate GMOs

Discover | 
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is embarking on a comprehensive study of genetically engineered (GE) crops. It will examine the historic development of ...

On GMOs, Union of Concerned Scientists skips the science

Discover | 
Several weeks ago, the Union of Concerned Scientists posted a hard-hitting rebuttal to a famous environmentalist, someone who is normally an ally ...
baby vaccinations

What’s the difference between denying the scientific consensus on vaccines vs GMOs?

Discover | 
The science on GMOs is as solid and authoritative as it is on vaccines. So why are liberal outlets like ...

Liberal thought leaders should be as harsh on extreme anti-GMO activists as on climate change denialists

Discover | 
When Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks, people listen. “Practically every food you buy in a store for consumption by humans is ...

Audio: Keith Kloor discusses NaturalNews’ Mike Adams’ call to arms against biotech supporters

Food and Farm | 
Mike Adams, the self-proclaimed "Health Ranger" of recently portrayed biotech supporters as "Nazi collaborators" and suggested that extreme actions ...
Mike Adams

NaturalNews’ Mike Adams asks anti-GMOers to kill scientists, supporters of crop biotech

Discover | 
Mike Adams, self-styled 'Health Ranger' behind what's called the world's #1 anti-science website, NaturalNews, has issued a call to action: ...

GMO debate entrenched in 1980s narrative of ‘synthetic monsters’ and ‘mad scientists’ in Hazmat suits

Discover | 
I’ve explored the genesis and amplification of varied media narratives, from Jared Diamond’s collapse meme and Paul Brodeur’s power lines/cancer connection reportage to Vandana ...

Mark Bittman’s moderation on GMOs may be too late to rescue foodies links to fear tactics

Discover | 
For GMO opponents, it’s been a good news/bad news week. The good news: Vermont became the first state to mandate the labeling ...

Indian farmer suicides: Compelling media narrative with no basis

Discover | 
In his Collide-a-Scape column, Keith Kloor quotes from The Economist’s Demography and Development blog, several months ago: Facts can be stubborn – and ...

Reuters, other science reporters often promote ‘false balance’ on GMO safety studies

Discover | 
GMO coverage in the media today is where climate change reporting was from the late 1980s until the early 2000s, ...

Fear and deception in anti-GMO efforts

Discover | 
The anti-GMO troops in the United States received some unwelcome news this week from Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the U.S ...
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