My journey from anti-GMO views to science driven by obstinacy and arrogance of activists

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In the Sleuth4Health chronicles that describe events leading up to and just after my metamorphosis, I pinpoint how it was science itself that changed my mind.   I corresponded with biologists, saw real data, read pro-science media, etc., and in combination, this all served to fry me up a juicy GMOs-are-really-pretty-cool burger – with all the fixings.

But there was another very big reason I switched sides.

The very people I had aligned myself with were the very people who drove me away.  The obstinate, willful refusal by the anti-GMO crowd to consider evidence that supported any view different from their own was a huge turn off.  I saw this time and again.  The activists reminded me of five-year-olds who plug their ears when they’re being told something they don’t want to hear.  This tendency did not, in the least, impress me, even from the very beginning of my activism.

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And one place where this stubborn ignorance was rampant was with an outfit called Moms Across America (MAM), a nation-wide activist group that centers around their website and Facebook community page. Mostly what I realized was that anti-GMO activists fight against something they both don’t understand and flat refuse to try to understand.

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