Bill Nye explains switch from 'Anti-GMO Guy' back to 'Science Guy'

| | April 20, 2015

Bill Nye caused a bit of drama over his stance on GMOs with the publication of his recent book, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. Biologists were dismayed by some of the unsourced claims he was making, and what seemed to be a failure to investigate the science on this issue.

Recently, we found out that Bill was revising his stance and his book. Soon after that, Bill also enthused about his own change of mind backstage at the Bill Maher show. However, this was light on the details of what his new stance actually was, and waiting for the new edition of the book would take a while.

Luckily, we just had an opportunity to learn more about Bill’s thoughts. I attended the recent NECSS conference in New York City, where Nye participated in several events.

Bill explains the backstory to his position on GMOs. He emphasizes the words “modified” and “safe” as key concepts to this issue. Nye notes that we’ve been modifying plants for 10,000 years and that there’s nothing natural about farming. He notes that in the EU that the GMO issue was conflated with an unrelated food safety scare. Then he turns to his concerns about unintended consequences of the environmental impacts of GMOs. He details his understanding of glyphosate function. Then he turns to the issue of the Monarch butterflies. He acknowledges that the loss of habitat from urban development and milkweed loss are impacting the butterflies.

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  • DavidLovesHillary

    This goes to show that this fruit is NOT a Scientist, merely a “performer”, BS engineer, and clown, at best…..

  • Joe Seba

    off, and maybe soon some of you pseudo scientists will get right,
    there are no “GMOs”. It’s simply GMO. The abbreviation “GMO”
    is already a plural.

    good, rational scientists are open to change after examining real
    data. Anecdotal evidence has it’s place, but it’s a far cry from

    since mankind developed the concept of farming we have been
    genetically modifying plants and animals. Know what a mule is? Ever
    eat a seedless grape? How about triticale? Let me shorten a very,
    very long list and ask “do you even think about it”?

    you may want to re-think the masthead of this page. You’re
    embarrassing yourselves.

    • Maria Phoenix

      1. GMO stands for genetically modified organism(organism is not plural)
      you can say gmo carrots, to refer to many, or GMO carrot, to refer to one
      gmos on its own will stand for many genetically modified organisms
      2 Exactly, but the real data doesn’t exist yet, there are thousands of 3 month studies. but 3 month studies will not show the long time affects
      3. A spider cannot mate with a goat
      bacteria cannot mate with a cow
      what farmers have been doing is evolving, taking the best seed and planting that, over and over and over again, it’s how evolution works. And there are some plants who have… on their own gained immunity to roundup without needing to be genetically modified. GMOs can be patented, meaning those farmers who on their own through natural selection got their round up ready crops got sued by the gmo owners.

      • Gerald

        Never has a gene been taken from one species and inserted into the DNA of another. And the science method of testing GMOsssss has never occurred. Instead, a status of GRAS was obtained through corrupted government and conflict of interest.

  • Geo

    This goes to show he is an excellent scientist. Open-mindedness and a willingness to ingest all information given.

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