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GMOs and other agri-tech can help meet increasing global food demand

| | May 28, 2015

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There’s a dichotomy running through Western society today when it comes to eating food, and producing it. On the one hand, according to Rurik Halaby, CEO of New York-based AgriCapital — one of the largest merger-and-acquisition firms working in the agritech space — the world is producing more food, and better quality food, than ever before.

The reason for this is the great strides made in food growing and production technology. However, despite the unprecedented tech-driven plenty in the world today, many voices are speaking out against that technology.

“It’s actually even more of a paradox, because the people who are opposed to using technology in food production have full stomachs themselves,” Halaby said, noting that almost all the groups opposed to matters such as genetic modification of plants, in order to improve their growth, are in Western countries.

Many believe that the jury is still out on GMO’s safety. There are those who claim that genetically modified organisms are responsible for a wide variety of environmental ills, such as the die-off of bees, the dramatic increase in autism among children, and more.

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Halaby, however, doesn’t buy it.

But Halaby’s point is not necessarily the validity of a specific technology; he’s a banker, not a scientist, and what concerns him is the willingness, even the rush, to ignore science and promote other agendas that are not necessarily based on objective scientific observation and study. What bothers him is the assumption by many in the anti-GMO camp that there is some sort of “conspiracy” going on to introduce changes in the food chain.

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