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CRISPR for cannabis: Gene-edited, disease-resistant marijuana poised for 2021 debut

Shoshanna Solomon | 
Israeli startup CanBreed said it has reached a licensing agreement to use gene editing tools to provide cannabis growers with ...
zimmer articlelarge

For those with limited genetic knowledge, at-home ancestry tests fuel misconceptions that genes dictate race

Cathryn Prince | 
University of Pennsylvania sociologist Wendy Roth [wondered] whether these do-it-yourself tests also fueled the idea that genes dictate race. After ...
beni hassan asiatiques

Canaanites—one of the original populations in ancient Israel—are still a coherent genetic group thousands of years later

Amanda Borschel-Dan | 
A new international, interdisciplinary study provides intriguing answers to the origins and history of the Canaanite people. In an article ...
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First 3D heart printed with human tissue could mark key step toward transplantable organs

Delphine Matthieussent | 
Scientists in Israel unveiled a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels on Monday [April 15, 2019], ...
pregnancy support

Genetically modified hormone opens doors to personalized fertility treatments

Shoshanna Solomon | 
An Israeli biotechnology firm based in Be’er Tuvia in southern Israel has developed a new-generation fertility treatment through the manipulation ...

New online study of BRCA cancer risk in Ashkenazi Jews could provide new model for genetic testing

Josefin Dolsten | 
A new study will provide free testing for three mutations that substantially increase the risk for developing breast, ovarian and ...
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Stem cell therapy relying on patient’s own unhealthy heart may be dangerous

Micah Danney | 
A new study at Tel Aviv University shows that stem cell therapy, one of the few treatments available to patients ...

More than just cavemen: ‘Flexible’ Neanderthals also lived in open landscapes

Amanda Borschel-Dan | 
An Israeli-led study of the skeletal remains of two humans from the late Middle Paleolithic period, between 70,000 and 60,000 ...

GMOs and other agri-tech can help meet increasing global food demand

David Shamah | 
There’s a dichotomy running through Western society today when it comes to eating food, and producing it. On the one ...

Doctor argues genetic testing empowers women, should be more available

Deena Yellin | 
Several years ago, a new patient booked an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Herman in his Lake Success, NY office. Herman, ...