How science of GMOs can refine our environmental values

Many humans care deeply for the environment, and I really appreciate that sentiment. In order for us to have the impact on the world that we would like to have, we also need knowledge. To focus the discussion on actual issues, not idealised ones, it is important to put our feelings through some thoughtful reflection.

We should make it clear to ourselves what part of our thinking is about our values, and what part is evidence. Sometimes people may be afraid that evidence would somehow negate their values. I wish they weren’t.

Science has made me change my mind on a number of occasions, and my values have only become better defined, not dictated by vague fears or attached to simple labels.

I used to buy organic because I wanted to support environmentally friendly farming. Later on I found out that, while it may be a Natural Assumption to make, unfortunately the idea organic as the champion of the environment falls flat under scrutiny. My heart is still heavily set on fighting for the wellbeing on nature and animals. Hopefully, now, I can do so with more fruitful results.


I always understood genetic engineering was simply a tool, neither good nor bad in itself, but knew it might have some unintended harmful effects. The scientific literature has taught me that it actually comes with several environmental benefits. Let’s get on with those benefits where we can use them to help the land and its animals.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Plants don’t have problems

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