Planned Parenthood offers mobile app for at-home STD test

Planned Parenthood won’t allow their mission to fall behind. Knowing the future of their success in keeping men and women healthy and informed lies in keeping up with technology, Planned Parenthood has launched a new mobile app that will allow people to order STD testing kits. The app is called Planned Parenthood Direct™ and is a part of an app the organization launched last year, Planned Parenthood Care™. The joint apps’ goal is to provide convenient STD testing and education.

Per Planned Parenthood’s vice president of health innovation Jill Balderson, “The future of health care is online, and for Planned Parenthood that means developing and testing new programs that allow people to fit the sexual and reproductive care they need into their busy lives … [these apps] are only the beginning for Planned Parenthood.”

Knowing that in order to scale to help their patients, Jill continues to state that innovation and technology will be a key focus in the organization’s initiatives, “As online health care delivery evolves, Planned Parenthood will evolve with it. We’re committed to finding innovative solutions to bring quality, accessible reproductive and sexual health care to people wherever they are.”

From a personal perspective, it’s forward-thinking of Planned Parenthood to anticipate the need to implement technology in their new and current initiatives, but the question of how safe this is comes into play. Are the at-home STD tests safe? Is the treatment okay to take at home without directions from a certified provider first?


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