Matt Ridley: Greens scare mongering on GMOs, fracking, pesticides blunts access to safer technologies


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The public has increasingly become jaded about the efforts of environmental groups and anti-science activists to raise money by promoting fear and doubt. Since Rachel Carson first shot to popularity with a book claiming that a pesticide, DDT, was ruining the environment no effort has been spared to get a lot of things banned.

Fast forward to Population Bombs lamented by Dr. Paul Ehrlich, followed in the 1980s by acid rain and all the way to BPA and GMOs today, a giant chunk of the public has had enough.

But scary stories of the week still pay the bills, which is why Natural Resources Defense Council and other groups with hundreds of millions of dollars in their coffers are always searching for something new to protest.


Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley notes, “the environmental movement has repeatedly denied people access to safer technologies and forced them to rely on dirtier, riskier or more harmful ones. It is adept at exploiting people’s suspicion of anything new.”

Oddly, science and corporations are the most progressive when it comes to insuring the future while environmentalists are most afraid of progress.

Read full, original post: Green Fatigue – Are People Finally Tired Of Being Scared?

Read Ridley’s original article in the Wall Street Journal: The Green Scare Problem



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