Monsanto announces support for federal labeling of GMOs

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Monsanto, a global provider of agricultural products for farmers, says they support efforts to label genetically modified organisms despite reports that say the chemical company is trying to block legislation.

“We aren’t. There’s a lot of confusion around labeling and I think it surprises a lot of people,” Dr. Robert Fraley, Chief Technology Officer at Monsanto tells “If we’re going to label foods it should be done on the national level, not done city by city or state by state.”

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Last August, reported that $51.6 million was already been spent by various food corporations, trade groups, and biotechnology companies including Monsanto to block state laws prohibiting “natural claims” on GMO foods, which will make it virtually impossible for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create a mandatory nationwide labeling system.

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“We support these kind of choices,” says Fraley. “My absolute favorite idea on labelling is the Smart Label, which the food industry is working on today. It uses a Quick Response Code so you can use your smart phone to find out every single thing you ever wanted to know about where that food came from.”

Monsanto, . . .announced earlier this month that they will eliminate another 1,000 jobs over the next two years to deal with falling sales of biotech seeds.

Fraley adds that he doesn’t see the increasing Non-GMO push as a threat either.

“In fact, I think it’s a real strength of the U.S. agriculture system and our food system, that we have these choices.”

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