University punishes Italian researchers for manipulating data that showed dangers of GMOs

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[Editor’s note: The original article is in Italian. This excerpt was auto-translated with Google Translate with minor alterations for clarity.]

After more than two months of internal investigations, the penalties. No university associated publications for the next few years, all work must be supervised by the Director of the Department and formal warning to operate “with the utmost respect of the rules in the integrity of the research.” According to the jury of the university Federico II, Professor of Veterinary Medicine Federico Infascelli and his research group violated integrity in three articles published in international scientific journals. He testified at a hearing in the Senate (in July) about this research, claiming it demonstrated the dangers of certain feed containing GMOs.

. . . .

A jury that put under scrutiny the three articles in question and the pictures published in support of research and has “rejected” the work of the research group, speaking of “very serious infringements”, the photo manipulation, of “will to fabricate a non-existing experimental result. “

. . . .

In addition to the professor Infascelli, those punished include researchers Vincenzo Mastellone, Fulvia Bovera, Giovanni Piccolo and Maria Elena Pero, associate professors Monica Isabella Cutrignelli, Nicholas Mirabella and Serena Calabro, the full professor Luigi Avallone. And, above all, the researcher Raffaella Tudisco and associate professor Pietro Lombardi, as corresponding authors.

For all of them, the shame of a formal warning that remains for life in their personal file and undermines their career. . . . And for the two scientists considered most responsible for the manipulations, as corresponding authors, Tudisco and Lombardi, the prohibition to publish under the name of the university, in the next two years, without first having obtained the go ahead of the upper or of the Director of department. . . .

Read full, Google Translated post: University Professor and researchers punished: they falsified study on GMOs

Read full post in the original Italian: Università, puniti prof e ricercatori: hanno falsificato studio sugli Ogm

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