To show consensus, over 1,500 plant scientists sign petition saying GMOs are safe, effective

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More than 1,000 scientists from nonprofit, corporate, academic, and private institutions say public doubts about genetically modified food crops are hindering the next Green Revolution. In a letter published in the journal Science, six researchers from three institutions explain their recent petition in support of science-based criteria in guiding the safe and effective employment of genetic modification (GM) technology.

The petition, which is the first organized by individual scientists in support of GM technology, yielded more than 1,400 signatures from plant science experts supporting the American Society of Plant Biologists’ (ASPB) position statement on genetically modified (GM) crops, which states that they are “an effective tool for advancing food security and reducing the negative environmental impacts of agriculture.” . . . .

Although there is broad support in the scientific community for genetically modified crops, the petition organizers feel that too much confusion about the issue is hindering effective deployment of these technologies.

“To meet our current and future food supply demands, without destroying our planet, we need every efficacious tool available,” they write. . . .

. . . . The petitioners’ goal is to demonstrate to the public that there is consensus within their scientific community about the safety and efficacy of using genetic modification technology in agriculture.

. . . .

“We hope that the consensus among plant scientists presented here is heard by policymakers, the business community, and, more importantly, the general public and initiates a new conversation on how best to implement GM tools to improve crops for sustainable agriculture. . . .” says [Carnegie’s Jose Dinneny, an author of the letter].

The ASPB position statement and the petition can be found at

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