Small food companies in New Hampshire feel pressure of Vermont’s GMO labeling law

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Genuine Local, the Meredith-based producer of Swineheart’s Signature Sauces, is a three-person operation that prides itself on, well, genuine and local products. “Clean food with honest roots!” its website declares.

It’s not the kind of company that might typically be associated with genetically modified organisms, which are often tied in the popular imagination to behemoths like Monsanto.

But a new Vermont law requiring GMO labeling on most food products by July 1 has Genuine Local scrambling to make sure its house is in order: research into the regulation, analysis of every ingredient’s origins and potential new packaging.

“It’s quite a chain, and it’s quite a process,” said owner Mary McDonald. She. . . estimated that the total amount of research to reach that conclusion will run well into the hundreds of hours.

. . . .

Francestown Village Foods, which crafts gourmet frozen meals in Milford, distributes products across nine states. Owner and President Jason Martel said the law’s burden will fall on the wrong players in the food industry — like his 18-person company.

“I don’t think they realized how devastating that can be to small manufacturers,” [he said]

Martel. . . said withdrawing from the Vermont market is a likelier outcome than changing all their labels. That would, in turn, force Martel to find replacement sales elsewhere or downsize, he said.

Read full, original post: It’s a matter of product labeling: Vermont’s new GMO law has Granite State scrambling

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