Does milk from cows fed genetically engineered food need GMO label?

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Warren Taylor grew up in a dairy family. He and his wife own Snowville Creamery in rural southern Ohio. They sell their milk and yogurt to Whole Foods and other stores.

Taylor gets his milk from nearby dairy farms. Cows on most U.S. farms eat feed from genetically engineered crops, like Roundup Ready corn. Not the ones that supply Taylor.

“Our cows are all fed only non-GMO feed. All the feed that they eat, every load has been tested with very sophisticated equipment to confirm it’s non-GMO,” he says.

. . . .

For Taylor’s business, the heart of this debate comes back to whether milk from cows that eat genetically modified feed should be considered genetically modified itself.

Vermont’s law exempts milk, eggs and meat from GMO labeling.

Dave Carlin is a vice president at the International Dairy Foods Association. His group represents big dairies, like Borden and Dannon.

“Just because you feed a cow GM feed it does not make the milk that comes from that cow GM,” he says. “Just as if we fed a cow chocolate, it doesn’t make the milk that comes out of that cow chocolate milk. It just doesn’t work that way.”

The Food and Drug Administration agrees. In an email, the FDA says when cows eat GMO feed it doesn’t make the milk GMO. The milk itself is not genetically engineered.

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