No, Robyn O’Brien, trace toxins in food and GMOs are not causing allergies

Corn is spread out to dry after harvest in Khok Dach, Cambodia

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. . . . I’m a food allergy mom, but I won’t share . . . anything . . . from Robyn O’Brien, and I’ll tell you why.

O’Brien is the author of the book The Unhealthy Truth and a longtime food allergy advocate. . . O’Brien has reached a kind of elder statesman status, even though she has a long and dangerous history of spreading misinformation, fear and pseudoscience.

The essential thrust of her book . . . is the argument that our worrisome food allergy epidemic has been caused by that most dreaded thing of all — “toxins.”. . .  chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, vaccines, sugar. . .  O’Brien has perpetuated so many myths about food allergies that it’s hard to know where to begin. . . .


. . . . Lianne Mandelbaum, author of . . . the “Scaffolding” posts on O’Brien’s site, argues that food allergy families should offer support and avoid publicly criticizing each other’s treatment choices. But in a community plagued by fear and pseudoscience, support isn’t always what we need.

We shouldn’t support dangerous recommendations from groups like Moms Across America who tell parents they can cure their child’s food allergy with an organic diet. . . .We shouldn’t support anti-vaxxers who say vaccines contain peanut oil. These ideas are wrong and harmful to all of us in the food allergy community. . .

As if to prove my point, . . . is a piece by O’Brien herself entitled The Myth: GMOs Foods Are Rigorously Screened for Allergic Potential. . . . The evidence for O’Brien’s claims amounts to a discredited study of transgenic peas, the case of StarLink corn where no allergic reactions were ever proven and the transgenic soy modified with Brazil nut protein that was never brought to market.

Read full, original post: Science Is My Scaffolding: Why I Won’t Share That Robyn O’Brien Post

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