Nigeria to plant vitamin A biofortified cassava, maize this year


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The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole said on [May 7] that the ministry embarked on vitamin A food bio-fortification to reduce death rate and boost nutrition in the country.

Adewole, who was represented by the Director of Nutrition, Dr Chris Isukpunwu, disclosed this at the launching of 2016 planting season for bio-fortified vitamin A cassava and maize.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports the programme was organised by Harvestplus Nigeria, at the Federal College of Agriculture, Akure.

HarvestPlus is an international organisation leading a global effort to improve nutrition by developing and disseminating staple food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The theme of the programme is ‘Scaling Up Bio fortification Investment in Nigeria.’

Adewole noted that vitamin A was one of the five major nutrients of the body, adding that many children under the age of five die due to measles, which is caused by lack of vitamin A.

“It’s a huge cause of death of children under five and the second cause of blindness for adults.

“The ministry partnered Harvestplus because bio-fortified vitamin A yellow cassava especially is a good cure of lack of the vitamin as many people consume cassava in the country.

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  • Jackie Ikeotuonye

    The challenge with some of this ‘high sounding programs’ is that one never gets to see the outcome in real life. This ‘bio fortified cassava project’ has been ongoing since march 2015 or thereabout, what has been the outcome in terms of harvest from the last planting season? Any feeding trials? Has there been any improvement on the claimed vitamin A deficiency? If yes, where are the results? They should be made public. Telling us that Bio-fortified cassava “is a good cure of the lack of the vitamin” is not enough. And where is the National Bureau of Statistics in all this? We are in a season where there is global outcry against GMOs, what is the source and process of this bio fortification?

    • Farmer with a Dell

      Impatient much?

      Hmmm…”march 2015″ to now, July 2016 – that’s a whole 15 months, more or less. Plenty of time to have eradicated vitamin A deficiency around the globe! Heck, Downton Abbey manages to span years in its storyline in no more time than that.

      Apart from your sophomoric demand for instant gratification, is it remotely possible that “one never gets to see the outcome in real life” is because it is out of your range of vision from behind the windshield of your SUV and from the behind the marble kitchen countertops in your mcmansion? Essentially for the same reason one never gets to see the humanitarian problem in the first place – first world elitism and snobbery shelters you warm and safe from inconveniences and nuisances of that mundane sort.

      • Jackie Ikeotuonye

        “farmer with a dell”, is that the name of a person? Properly identify yourself so I am sure am not wasting time with a paid clown! Your response shows you don’t have any clue where my line of discussion is coming from.

        • Farmer with a Dell

          Nope, not a paid clown. Not even an underpaid clown. Just a farmer, same as about 2% of Americans. Let’s not waste one another’s time. If you had a valid point you would have come out with it by now.