Computer algorithm analyzes faces to identify ‘likely’ criminals: Is it racial profiling?


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As humans, we’re taught at an early age to not judge people by the way they look. And that’s for a good reason—people’s natures aren’t defined by their physical appearance.

Faception, a startup backed by legitimate venture capitalists, thinks you can judge a book by its cover. They claim their artificial intelligence algorithms can look at faces and tell which ones are likely to be terrorists, professional poker players, pedophiles, or (worst of all) brand promoters, as reported by The Washington Post.

Despite being comparable to the long-debunked practice of phrenology, which discerned mental capability by measuring the exterior of the heads, Faception claims to have mastered a “facial personality profiling technology, at scale and in real-time,” according to CEO Shai Gilboa, who presented the software at a venture capital demo. Gilboa is also Faception’s Chief Ethics Officer.


DNA plays a role in both your physical appearance and personality. But any research suggesting that personality can be deduced from appearance is tenuous at best.

Read full, original post: New A.I. analyzes facial structure to see who’s a terrorist

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