‘Mama Monsanto’ video attempts to pass off misinformation as comedy

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It’s hard to tell whether the new “Mama Monsanto” Funny or Die exclusive video is taking comedic jabs at the most common myths about GMOs, or if the video’s writer has fallen for them herself.

. . . .

I reached out to the video’s writer, Gilli Nissim, to ask whether Mama Monsanto is a parody of anti-GMO interest . . . activists, or if the video itself it anti-GMO. Her answer. . .:

“Monsanto is my favorite multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation! I just wanted to put a sweet face on the juggernaut that is single-handedly shaping our food system. Everybody loves Mama!”

. . . .

As for Nissim’s painting of Monsanto as a juggernaut controlling the food system, her creation Mama Monsanto represents the misunderstanding well:  “. . . Don’t you worry bambino, Mama Monsanto make a monopoly. I own everything!”. . .

. . . .

One commenter says, “You have a responsibility . . .to find ways to amuse people without leading them into the dark.”

Listen, I’m a Funny or Die fan, . . .Comedy is surely a valuable tool for political, social and even scientific commentary. . . Passing off confusing misinformation and propaganda as funny is a comedy failure.

Read full, original post: Mama Monsanto, The Anti-GMO Grandma Who Fails At Comedy

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