Organic weed control methods, not just synthetic pesticides, can kill frogs in farm fields

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Just saw a link to a story on the Guardian titled “Common pesticides ‘can kill frogs within an hour’“. . . . The Guardian piece reports on a study published today in Scientific Reports by Carsten Bruhl et al. . . .[T]hey caged frogs, and sprayed them . . . I guess this would be pretty realistic to find out how pesticides . . . would injure frogs that were in the field at the time of spraying.

. . . .

. . . . But let’s put this in context. A crop field is a pretty dangerous place to live. . . . [M]any organically approved weed control methods would probably kill a frog if it happened to be in the field at the time. Take flame weeding, for example.

. . . [T]he medieval-looking rotary hoe . . . wouldn’t do any good to a frog in the field. . . I vividly remember pulling impaled toads off of the rotary hoe . . . when I was growing up. So, yes, pesticides may kill frogs “within an hour.” But I highly doubt many of the organically approved weed control methods would be any safer. . .

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