Is campaign against glyphosate using misinformation to spread message?

. . . [W]hen did it become totally acceptable for groups who oppose anything . . . to routinely spread spurious information and downright falsehoods in order to achieve their aims?  UK food production . . . would be decimated . . . if glyphosate were to be removed from use . . . . but apparently all you need to do to get an active ingredient banned – no matter how safe – is simply put an unqualified rumour into the public arena. . .

. . . .

If the reason certain groups are demonising glyphosate, is to help the drive to prevent GM crop technology from developing in the future – “no Glyphosate no GM” being their logic – then these groups should consider a few things in the meantime.

  1. Approximately just over 75% . . . glyphosate is NOT made and/or sold by Monsanto [and] would never be used in GM crop production anyway . . . .
  2. Glyphosate is being demonised as a “toxic” compound. . . .it has an LD50. . ., of 5600. The lower the LD50, the more toxic the item. So on the same scale. . . CuSO4 (. . . organic fungicide) has an LD50 of just 30, . . . Rotenone (. . .organic insecticide) has an LD50 of 150 . . . . So . . . why is glyphosate public enemy number 1 ?. . . .
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