Do anti-GMO activist NGOs falsely represent the broad public will?

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. . . . NGOs present themselves to policymakers as representative of civil society . . . demanding equal engagement in the policy process. . . Once they get their place at the table, they arrogantly discredit institutions, organisations and companies that are far more representative of the general population.

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US Right to Know (USRTK)

We have a right to know who is actually behind the US Right to Know organisation. Essentially it is one person, Gary Ruskin, who spends his days . . . writing out Freedom of Information requests hunting for scientists linked to the food industry (the part that doesn’t pay him). . . . Carey Gillam . . . prefers to call herself a journalist. . . . but . . . she is a paid lobbyist for USRTK . . . this is . . . a mother-load of hypocrisy from an organisation with the byline: “Pursuing truth and transparency”. . . .


. . . Ruskin’s . . . operation is almost wholly funded by the organic food industry lobby, in particular, the Organic Consumers Association. [It] distribute[s] contributions from . . . organic food companies and retailers to . . . Ruskin to attack conventional agriculture with lies and innuendos. . . and thus provide more customers nervously clamoring for the much more expensive organic food label. . . .

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