CRISPR enters period of creative redesigns and gene editing upgrades

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Scientists usually shy away from using the word miracle — unless they’re talking about…CRISPR/Cas9.

Even with all the genetic feats the CRISPR/Cas9 system can do, “there were shortcomings. There were things we wanted to do better,” says MIT molecular biologist Feng Zhang…He isn’t alone. A flurry of papers in the last three years have detailed improvements to the editor. Going even further, a bevy of scientists…have dreamed up ways to make CRISPR do a toolbox’s worth of jobs.


“The original Cas9 is like a Swiss army knife with only one application: It’s a knife,” says Gene Yeo…But Yeo and other researchers have bolted other proteins and chemicals to the dulled blades and transformed the knife into a multifunctional tool.

Zhang wants to improve Cas9, but he would also like other versatile tools. He and colleagues are looking for such tools in bacteria….


Zhang’s team is exploring other CRISPR/Cas9-style enzymes that could help them “edit or modulate or interact with a genome more efficiently or more effectively,” he says. “Our search is not done yet.”

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