Members of Congress want answers on EPA’s delayed evaluation of glyphosate

| | September 6, 2016

When Congress reconvenes [in September], lawmakers will continue to press the Environmental Protection Agency about why it’s withholding their report that says glyphosate, the world’s most popular weed killer, does not cause cancer. . . .

Some on Capitol Hill think the EPA’s foot-dragging is politically motivated. Glyphosate is the latest target of the global environmental movement because it’s applied to genetically engineered crops that environmentalists oppose (both are manufactured by Monsanto). Glyphosate is also safely used on conventional farms, open spaces and home gardens around the world.

. . . .

The stakes are high for the agency’s outcome as activists pressure lawmakers here and around the world to curtail glyphosate’s use. . . .

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Activists here are also trying to sway public policy. . . .

All of these efforts hinge on proving glyphosate is dangerous. An EPA imprimatur that the herbicide is safe and doesn’t cause cancer would devastate the legislative and legal arguments against glyphosate here and abroad. Lawmakers are right to suspect politics is in play and should continue to push a pro-science, common sense and transparent approach by the EPA.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Political foot-dragging at EPA over controversial weed killer

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Click the link above to read the full, original article.

124 thoughts on “Members of Congress want answers on EPA’s delayed evaluation of glyphosate”

  1. Obama will keep the lid on this report until after the election…Hillary has her hands plenty full as it is with petty scandals of her own making, so best to wait ’till after the coronation to roll out the next outrage.

      • Heh, heh, good luck to those who would attempt to down vote the obvious truth into submission…

        “For anyone who thought EPA’s glyphosate risk assessment would arrive
        sometime soon, think again. The new target is for the draft assessment
        to arrive in the spring … as in, at the beginning of the next

        Oh well, I call’s ’em as I see’s ’em. Libs or conservatives, it matters not to me, I have no reverence. My bad!

        PS: How does a person lookup on disqus the # of down votes that have been earned? I’d be about as proud of the downs as the ups — means I’ve had an impact, anyway. Means even more when hammering on trolls like TM — I’ve noticed times when I’ve successfully frustrated him past the point of being called “troll drool astroturfer blah, blah, blah” that he has his sockpuppets cast some down votes on my ass to push the comment down in the queue. I would enjoy seeing the tally!

          • Yep, she hasn’t influenced the EPA, ‘course not. And last thing she needs during the campaign is to be forced to take a position on a controversial EPA report on the carcinogenicity of glyphosate.

            But OK, I’m trying to think of anything Hillary has admitted to having anything to do with but I’m drawing a blank…

            You got anything Jim? No? Well, don’t feel bad ’cause, when before Congress or the FBI, Hillary’s memory fails her too, more often than not on details of things she may or may not have had anything to do with. Just can’t recall, OK?

            Heh, in fairness, I don’t have a candidate to vote for in the pres election this time round. I’d say as far as president goes we’re pretty much screwed for the next term.

          • Now Jim, you’re having a bad week, so I’ll let it slide except to assure you I’ve been an Independent since way before that was cool.

            I’ll suggest we let the politics go. The entire political landscape isn’t worth a shit this cycle, and it certainly isn’t worth getting in a pissing match over. We can reserve all that for the new Secretary of Ag and his/her USDA’s process for deciding details of the new GMO labels, OK?

          • Heh, heh, well after the coronation and when we have a new anti-agriculture anti-technnology Sec of Ag and a couple uber-liberal judges on the Supreme Court you, Jim, are going to be impossible to live with, I can see that.

            Ha, ha, ha, just like I said…with the presidential election we’re pretty much screwed. Hey, I’m resigned to it. It’s out of my sphere of influence.

          • He started with off topic hostile political commentary offensive to liberals and then accused me of being equivalent to Ted Miner of all things.

            I am not alone in disliking this, as stated above he had 9 downvotes from other site users.

          • Well, get over it. I know TM is a pig of a troll, but that is not sufficient reason to flag someone, in my opinion.

          • It is a good reason. Regardless of what you personally think about freedom to troll, the GLP bans trolls here frequently. This venue would be a worthless wasteland of profanity and hate without moderation.
            Calling me TM is like calling an Auschwitz survivor a Nazi. It was intentional extreme insult so I blocked him permanently.

          • Believe me, people have been called a lot worse than TM on this page, and have not gotten banned by the moderator. I don’t post much, but I read a lot. Blocked by a particular user, maybe, but that is your choice, and only means you don’t read his posts.
            And the comparison is a bit exaggerated, and gives TM way too much credibility to attribute so much power to him. He has no power.

          • Thanks gmoeater, but let it go. Jim is fired up, if he gets me banned, so be it. I always have a lot of farming to get done anyway and participating in these discussions can be a distraction. Life goes on.

          • No he is the epitome of all that proponents of genetic literacy avoid and battle. He is the anti-christ of this venue. I am bullseye spot on, not exaggerating, this can not be overstated.

    • Says the genetically illiterate witch hunter. Where are the bodies? Where are the piles of corpses in the streets after 20 years of daily use, over a trillion GMO meals eaten?


      • in the U.S., we don’t “pile corpses in the street.” We use bury or incinerate them. and America is the sickest nation in the developed world. We are also ONE of only TWO nations that allow direct-to-consumer drug ads on TV constantly. So you have a VERY powerful drug lobby, and a VERY sick nation. I will let you attempt the Very simple math ;)

        • Logical fallacy. Hysterical conspiratorial thinking. You, however, should stay away from all drugs, all medicines, and all GE foods. You’re not smart enough for them.

          • I’m smart enough to observe that you did not respond to my points. I stated facts. “Logical fallacy,” is not a sentence, by the way. It is certainly ironic that someone using those two words are apparently unable to respond to the FACTS I stated above. For those capable of thought, google: “america sickest nation,” and “pharmaceutical lobby influence washington d.c.,” and finally “direct-to-consumer drug ads.”

          • Logical fallacy is what you committed. Enough with the head trips already, post citations that support your stance and disprove ours or get off the pot. Since we all know here that you can find no truthful citations for your witch hunt, you lost before you got started.

          • NOT in any way a condemnation of GMO food science, Not even close.

            I repeat – correlation is not causation and you have failed to post any facts that support your anti-science contention that GE foods are bad for us in relation to any other food source.

          • anti-science? That’s amusing. Keep asking for those citations. I’ll keep them coming ;)

            “Animal toxicity studies with certain GM foods have shown that they may toxically affect several organs and systems.”

            “The use of recombinant GH or its expression in animals should be re-examined since it has been shown that it increases IGF-1 which may promote cancer.”


          • All such studies, without exception, were reviewed and declared moot by the NAS on May 16th 2016. This was the death knell to the GMO debate and the basis for Obama signing your token labeling bill.
            As I said, you can produce no valid evidence to support your conspiracy theory.

          • Correction. If you haven’t noticed, the “death knell” failed to kill any debate. This is why more people worldwide are choosing organic foods.

            What we did learn from the NAS report was that money has corrupted the scientific community regarding GMOs, just as it has corrupted the medical community with its “institutional corruption” described by Harvard University in the citation I provided above. It appears that you are the only person unable to support their argument with citations.

            “At least 11 of 19 experts listed in NAS report have conflicts of interest”


          • All activist sites were rendered moot and obsolete on May 16th. Hangers on now enter the realm of flat earthers and moon landing deniers. Celebrate your profound ignorance, nobody else will.

          • You are a real idiot if you think that anyone here believes that GMwatch is a legitimate source of information. That is highly biased.

          • Dear Jason, a citation is a reference to a source that supports your Arguments. The problem Jim and I have with your citations is that they don’t.
            The book on US health is an interesting read but in 421 pages not even once uses the word glyphosate (or GMO).
            The Harvard reference is a Project description on pharmacetical companies, not a study and again no word on glyphosate (or GMO). The Dona & Arvanitoyannis paper is a nice example of extremely biased opinion pieces on GMO lacking scientific Quality. You should read the response to it, published in the same Journal:
            You definitively need to check your references before posting to not make ‘m look like someone picked the first results after googling for “GMO are bad”.

          • Ridiculous assertions. Hysterical conspiracy fallacies. Those who go to Google university to support their conspiracy theories don’t get much respect. You have any scientific citations to back up your goofy assertions? Repeating your ridiculous claims does not give them additional veracity.
            You should stay away from medicines, vaccines, genetically engineered foods, and any attempt to reason in a scientific way. You’re not up for it.

          • The Safra Center promotes activism, not science. This is fodder for HLS students who may want to earn their living litigating against profitable business.

            Now if you have something from Harvard Medical School…

          • What a joke. Obama signed the bill that killed the GMO debate. A few anti-science hangers on mean nothing and will be swept away along with the anti-vaxers.

            Obama made you permanently impotent.

          • No Obama has not done a thing to me. As I told your fellow stooge above, I was interviewed by my local paper about vaccine safety and exemptions.

            Believing in Obama and drug companies has made you permanently on the wrong side of history.

            Ever hear how money corrupts stuff? You know something? Its true. Who’d have thunk it?

          • Link that interview here. Google can not find it.

            Obama signed the labeling bill, you are toast. And soon it will be a crime to not get your kids vaccinated. There are already legal repercussions in California.

            You are a certified lunatic of the highest order.

          • Here ya go. This certified lunatic is quoted in the newspaper. And yourself? ;) hahahaha O

          • Heh, organic food sales (even at 2x to 3X the price of ordinary food) comprise only about 4% of the American food market. After fully 20 years of pushing and hyping organics! Only about 1% of all American farmland is certified organic. Now that puny result after all those years and all that smearing hate speech against abundant safe affordable conventional food tells the true story. All your big talk and hyperbole is the desperate ranting of a loser defending a losing organic industry. Just whistling past the graveyard. Boo!

          • Idiot. Look who conducted the “survey,” and how few people were called. And it is from Boulder, Colorado.
            You don’t even recognize your own bias.

          • For an “idiot” I don’t do too bad. I was interviewed by my local newspaper about vaccine exemptions. I was happy to talk to them about the dangerous influence the pharma lobby has over Washington DC and the incredible stupidity of vaccinating newborn infants for a sexually transmitted disease (hepatitis B)

            You may call me names like a child. I’m enjoying seeing people wake up to the “institutional corruption” that Harvard’s Center for Ethics has documented. Someone named “GMOeater” calling someone else an idiot is quite amusing. I’ll call you “crayon eater” for kicks.

          • So now he’s coming over here to get his ass kicked again, on GE issues? He’s kind of a slow learner, isn’t he? Yeah, it makes no sense that even a local newspaper hard up for news would print the hysterical ravings of a conspiracy theorist. He’s a sad, pathetic wannabe.

          • You’re really proud of this?? In the context of the article, you come across as a supercilious ignorant jackass. But you should buy lots of copies and send them to your friends and your mommy, and post a copy on the refrigerator. Amazing that you don’t even see how dumb this makes you look. I pity your kid.

          • you name yourself “agscienceliterate” and call other people “supercilious.” I just think you’re super-silly ;) I certainly hope I didn’t come across as You in the article, hahaha. No one else that’s read it has said as much.
            I am proud I got to mention how we ludicrously vaccinate newborns for a sexually transmitted disease like Hep B when the mom tests negative for it, which most of course do.
            So at first your little girlfriends on disqus doubted I was telling the truth about being interviewed. But when I prove them wrong Again they either run away or change the subject. You guys enjoy losing don’t you? You GMOeaters and science-literate dynamos don’t spend too much time trolling, now. Don’t forget to get a life! The newspaper called Me, by the way. I never asked for an interview. You’d have to beg someone.

          • Your newspaper is certainly hard up, if they chose to interview you. Unless, of course, as I read it, they were showing the importance of vaccines, and what a selfish and ignorant fool people like you are for not vaccinating your own children. In that case, they made the point very well.
            I have no idea why you comment on this site, because this is about genetic engineering of food. And you have nothing to say about that. Responding to you about genetically engineered foods and the science of ag biotechnology is a waste of time, because your brain is shut down. Go back to your anti-vaxxer sites. You are irrelevant here.

          • You are irrelevant, seeing as how you’re incapable of facing reality. “if” they chose to interview me? Let me help you: They Did choose to interview me. And they chose to publish the facts I stated that can be verified by a little research.

            But I know reality eludes you apologists ;) Kinda like the scandalous revelations of Dr. William Thompson of the CDC eludes the mainstream media, paid for by pharmaceutical firms, of course.

          • Of course they chose to interview you! I know how the press works. They made a story, and needed to offset the “other” view with a wacko, to show that there is anti-science opposition to the whole point of the story. They chose you specifically to illustrate their point. You don’t get that, right? Irony!
            Facts? Show ’em!

          • My kid is smart, beautiful, and very healthy ;) and they pity YOU. Just look at your stupid name. “science literate,” lol. Look at me, everyone, I’m LITERATE. Or so you claim. Want a prize? hahaha.

            Dr. Russell Blaylock’s literacy is superior to yours, I’d imagine. But he wouldn’t be a colossal enough jack-ass to bring attention to it.

          • Awesome! You have the absolute right to think and read whatever you wish. I will pursue science, and you can gloat over the fact that the newspaper article made a fool out of you.
            Eat organic. Eat non-GMO certified. Stay far away from GE foods.

          • Oh, you can’t find it? I’m not surprised ;) Here ya go, I’ll give you hand: O

          • Let’s take a look at a passage from this interview.
            “He added that “there are at times outbreaks of diseases among the vaccinated,” a fact he said was not “widely reported.””
            If you’re talking about *all* diseases, then of course there will be outbreaks of diseases. We don’t have vaccinations for them all. And very few people will be immune to a new disease.
            But if you’re talking about the diseases that the people are vaccinated against, then there’s a reason for that as well. You see, a disease needs a population to spread in. By spreading in a population, the disease mutates and increases its gene pool. This creates new strains of the disease that very few people has any immunity to. But the original population can’t be immune, otherwise the disease won’t spread. Vaccinations make the population immune. So if a bunch of people decide to not get vaccinated, the disease suddenly has a population to spread in. Sooner or later, a new strain that the vaccination does not affect will emerge and infect the vaccinated population en masse.

          • Your local paper circulation is minuscule. My Disqus comments have been quoted on NPR and PBS national news programs, millions of listeners/viewers. And I accomplished that not with dishonest conspiracy theories but by simply defending the truth.

          • I notice that you first called me a liar about the interview. When I provided the link and made it clear I Wasn’t lying, you changed the subject to “circulation.”

            Your intellectual dishonesty is not a fault in your case. Intellectual dishonesty, red herrings, and changes of subject are crucial to the pharmaceutical industry apologist. Without these things, the facts speak for themselves. That is one thing you cannot allow, can you?

            Dr. William Thompson already let the CDC cat out of the bag. Your ilk are either too corrupt, or too obtuse, to understand why Thompson’s story NEVER made mainstream media. Hint: news media is sponsored by drug companies. Watch the commercials. “If you experience suicidal thoughts or paralysis, stop taking ____ immediately and call your doctor!”

          • Eat organic. Eat non-GMO certified. Revel in the fact that your newspaper showed your perspective to demonstrate your foolishness.
            Stay far away from GE foods.

          • Eat organic. Eat non-GMO certified. Support the $60 Billion Big Organic industry that relies on lies and fearmongering to hype its products. What you do is of zero interest to me.

          • “About Earth Balance …”

            Earth Balance is marketing their wares. You are incapable of distinguishing marketing from dispassionate, critical analysis.

        • Correlation is not causation. Nature deficit disorder, couch potato lifestyles and cell phone radiation are all more likely culprits, but of course none are proven.

          So I ask again, where are the truckloads of corpses qeued up for incineration?

        • What does your lobbying against TV ads for drugs have to do with GMOs? You’ve been trashed on your anti-vax comments. Are you lonely or something, that you feel the need to make comments on this site, and to spread lies about GMOs? No one’s buying your crap.

          • haha, nice try, Stranger. I have stated facts that should disturb every person.

            Am I lonely? How obtuse my poor man. I mean, did it not occur to you when typing that dribble that You are here Too? What a thinker you are!

            Folks may also search the phrase “medical mistakes number three cause of death in the U.S.”

            or “U.S. and New Zealand direct-to-consumer drug advertising”
            I believe no one is “buying Your crap,” hahaha. They’re certainly not buying glyphosate in Europe ;)

            “How Grassroots Lobbying Push Blindsided Monsanto”


          • Actually, the EU renewed the license for glyphosate, so they ARE buying glyphosate in Europe. As for your “facts,” you have yet to cite anything actually scientific or relevant.

          • Your claim that medical mistakes are the number three cause of death in the USA is also wrong, as accidents of all kinds, whether they be medical or something like a car accident, are only the number four cause of death in the USA. The car accidents alone would be number thirteen.

            As for the direct-to-customer advertising, Brazil also allows it. However, this is irrelevant.

          • hahaha, ah, Brazil. that makes Three countries on planet Earth! Technicality, much, do you?
            Now is this the same CDC that refuses to test vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations? Is this the same CDC that employee Dr. William Thompson said lied about and covered-up data on vaccines and autism?
            You will point to his ass-kissing official statement crafted to protect his bosses’ asses. I will point to the phone conversations secretly recorded by Dr. Brian Hooker. You will continue to defend corruption and I will continue to expose it and yourself in the process.
            Would you like me to begin posting quotes? The pharma-funded state-sponsored media won’t carry the scandalous story of course. But we are honest people, right?
            “When an honest man discovers that he is mistaken, he either ceases to be honest, or he ceases to be mistaken.”

          • I actually hadn’t heard that. If you could, some links to that information would be great.
            Technicalities are great.
            Is that an anonymous quote? If not, who said it? They sound like an interesting person.
            Not a fan of the CDC? I can understand that. Last time I used their website, I had issues actually getting the information I was looking for. So here’s WHO.
            They say basically the same thing. But WHO has more graphs.

      • I read his other posts on Disqus. He is also a “chemtrail” conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer with a whole webpage dedicated to vaccine conspiracies, and a John Bircher, in addition to being anti-GE.
        Totally consistent, at least. He should stay safely in his basement, I’m thinking.

    • It’s been used safely for over two decades. Billions of animals and millions of people. Don’t eat it if you don’t want to, but you have no right to prevent me from choosing to eat it. You should eat organic and non-GMO certified. Right up your alley.

      • and we have millions of people with Cancer, Diabetes, Autism, and a plethora of other diseases! I have no right to prevent you from eating poison? True. And Monsanto has no right to contaminate independent farmers with their franken-crops! Much less then SUE the farmers afterwards!

        The corporate food supply tamperers, and their stooges, such as yourself are LOSING. Some of us don’t want your “healthy” diet of cancer and chronic illness.

        “New Study Reveals More Americans Embracing Plant-Based, Organic and Non-GMO Foods”

        • You. Are. A. Very. Slow. Learner. You have already been told that correlation is not causation. Do you even know what that means?
          Do you think it makes any difference whether organic is going from 4% to 4.002% of market share?
          Your arguments are inconsistent, fallacy laden, fact deprived, and underscored with hysteria and corporate conspiracy. Not much reason to bother communicating with you anymore.
          Again, you should eat only organic and non-GMO certified foods. Invest in whole foods! Invest in chipotle! Stay away from the genetically engineered stuff. Stay away from medicine, vaccines, and big corporations, stock up on more aluminum foil. Your foil hat is getting a bit shabby

        • I am curious why you make the huge leap from diseases to automatically concludin that those diseases are “caused” by GMOs.
          I am curious why you think that farmers are “contaminated” with GMOs. Farmers choose to buy GMO seeds, and do so wisely. You must think they are stupid.
          I am curious why you presume I am a “stooge” for any company. I am curious why you can’t understand that people might actually be able to think independently for themselves and be interested in GMOs without being a “stooge.” I am curious if, because you hate GMOs, if you might be a “stooge” for organic, due to your vehemence. Why would I not conclude that about you? And why are you so anti-corporation?
          And why are you not content to just eat what you want, and leave other people alone to eat what they want? Why do you feel compelled to share your hate of GMOs with the rest of us who, frankly, don’t give a damn what you think about GMOs? Do you think you are changing any minds here? Your tirades are full of misinformation about farming, and are pretty boring.

          • ” I am curious if, because you hate GMOs, if you might be a ‘stooge, for organic,”

            Or a disgruntled former Monsanto employee, or jealous of productive scientists and engineers or just simply uninformed.

            Who really cares?

        • “I have no right to prevent you from eating poison?”

          Pseudoscience blabber.

          “And Monsanto has no right to contaminate independent farmers with their franken-crops!”


          You post a great deal and say absolutely nothing. I’m a scientist and engineer siding with 100 Nobel Laureates defending my right to consume GMO products without interference.

          • And WE will continue to defend OUR right to not allow transnational corporations to contaminate our food supply and environment.

            Your GMOs are an experiment. You go be a guinea pig. But do it in isolation. That’s the scientifically conservative way ;)

            We have no interest in subjecting our children to your transnational corporate science experiment. Good day.

          • He is also an anti-vaxer and spreads the same kind of crap on other sites. He has been trashed on anti-vax sites so maybe he is coming over here to see if he can spread his crap on GMOs and get anyone to believe him. Maybe he just craves an audience.

          • He is also a “chemtrail” (no such thing) conspiracy theorist and a John Bircher, according to his own posts on Disqus.
            Totally consistent.

          • “Your GMOs are an experiment.”

            More boring activist rhetoric. Anyone can claim anything an “experiment”, including organic farming. Those of us educated in science prefer to asses relative risk rather than babble.

          • You have no right to stop GMOs based on your own biases. GMOs are certainly not “an experiment.” They have been eaten by millions of people for many years with no problems, and many safety studies. You seem to have more problems with corporations in general, judging from your anti-vax posts on other sites. You are an ignorant activist relying on misinformation and fear, and then continuing to promote it. Are you being paid? You aren’t very effective, if you are being paid. No one’s buying your crap.

          • Eat organic. Eat nonGMO certified foods. Stay far away from GE foods. And do not think for one minute that you have any “right” to keep me from eating GE foods if I prefer to do so.

          • Your other Disqus posts show you to be a John Bircher, a “chemtrail” (no such thing) conspiracy theorist, and an anti-vaxxer. At least you are consistent.
            Stay safely in your basement.

        • Contaminate independent farmers? Well, you’ve bought into the Internet hype. No one has ever been sued over cross pollination.

          How, exactly would anyone be “contaminated”?

          • How, exactly would anyone be “contaminated”?

            Duh, we wouldn’t have have some products today without cross contamination. Like when the chocolate farmers grew their crop too close to the Peanut Butter farmers…Like come on..

          • He has also bought into the Internet hype – big time — on being an anti-vaxxer with his own website, a “chemtrail” conspiracy theorist, and a John Bircher, according to his own words on his other Disqus posts. Consistent, at least.
            He should stay safely in his basement.

          • Reading more of his bizarre posts, I see he is also into satanic rituals, and a New World Order (conspiracy) believer.
            Whatta guy.
            Don’t think I’ll respond anymore to ole JWilson, until he takes his antipsychotic meds. Science to him is like Kryptonite to Superman.

        • No reliable links between cancer, diabetes, autism, and other conveniently-unnamed diseases, and GMOs.
          If some of you don’t want to eat GMOs, then why are you complaining? Don’t eat them. Sounds pretty simple.
          Or do you need a format to complain with lies about corporations and food?

      • Thank goodness for those non-GMO labels. They helped me know to buy the golden kiwi, not the regular ones. I certainly don’t want to risk eating a GMO kiwi. *chuckle*

    • You are very afraid of GE, despite the vast amount of credible science. You are, in your own words on other Disqus sites, a “chemtrail” (no such thing, bro) conspiracy theorist, a John Bircher, and an anti-vaxxer.
      It must be horrible being you, scared of everything and highly amenable to crap you read on the Internet. Stay safely in your basement.

  2. The anti-biotech groupies would presumably cheer the day when glyphosate is “banned”…. only to be replaced by the older, more risky, more polluting herbicides that it eclipsed. Chemistries such as the chloroacetanilides, triazines, sulfonylureas, dinitroanilines, etc. would thereafter re-emerge as the primary weed control products in agriculture. Killing glyphosate seems to be a key objective of the clueless nitwit anti-GMO screamers, but unfortunately they can’t see past their smug noses in the air, as they trip and stumble over their own shoelaces.

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