How one writer-mother became a GMO myth-buster

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…And an increasing number of science-minded, pro-GMO writers and activists are speaking up to defend the potential benefits of GM foods like allergy-free peanutsno-cry onions, and browning-immune apples.

Kavin Senapathy is … [a] regular contributor to Forbes and a co-founder of the website March Against Myths about Modification, Senapathy’s stance began to take shape when… she realized that “fear-based marketing around GMOs is often targeted at parents” and decided to start documenting her learning process on genetic engineering…

MUNCHIES spoke with Senapathy about GMO myth-busting, the organic movement’s lies, and the awesomeness of foods like non-browning avocadoes (pristine green guac, here we come!)

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What are the basic bullet points you’d like the general public to take away from the great GMO debate?

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-Farmers are painted as victims of GMOs. As a whole, farmers aren’t victims… When in doubt, ask a farmer! There are more and more farmers with a presence on social media who are happy to answer questions.

-… Lobbying against agricultural breeding techniques creates an overly stringent, unscientific regulatory atmosphere that carves a clear path for big corporations and prevents these kinds of benefits from reaching consumers.


The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Why GMOs Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All

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